Welcome to BOLD

You can’t control external forces; you can only control how you respond. Having registered for this BOLD, you’ve already demonstrated that you’re eager to tackle anything that comes your way.

Below is everything you need to know to take full advantage of our time together.


Conveniently planned to ensure all time zones can participate, we’ve balanced the need to dive deep into the topics that matter most right now while recognizing that tending to your business and family are top priority.

Ensure that your workspace is conducive to maintaining focus.

Beyond participation in these sessions, we encourage you to take what you learn and put it into practice immediately. To get the most out of the BOLD program, plan to devote four hours each day to focused, self-guided lead generation.


  • Join the BOLD Facebook group.
    Your home base for the next four weeks, this private group is where you’ll watch each of the eight classroom sessions. They will be streamed live into the group’s feed. Please note that only registered attendees are permitted access to this group and the materials within.
  • Download the course materials.
    Head into the Facebook group; then navigate to the Units section and download the materials necessary to follow along on our Tuesday and Thursday sessions. The course materials are provided as an editable PDF so you can take notes and complete the exercises within the document without the expense of printing. Note that you must DOWNLOAD the materials to your computer and SAVE THEM FIRST, then begin taking notes.
  • Join the conversation.
    Our Facebook group creates a community for masterminding. This is a place where aha’s, ideas, and questions are shared and successes celebrated. Take note that our BOLD Coaches are actively moderating the group, eager to jump in and provide you expert business guidance. To ensure a great experience for all, there is also a team monitoring the conversations. Before posting or commenting, please read and abide by our group rules.
  • Coaching Corner
    Held between Classroom sessions, the Coaching Corner is an interactive session held in the Facebook group to discuss the BOLD material and get your questions answered. Participate or simply listen in. Either way, you’re sure to leave with great insights!


  • Find an accountability partner
    Those who are most successful tend to have help staying on track. Use our Facebook community to find someone equally focused. Or, ask your team leader for help identifying a partner.
  • Session recordings
    Recordings from both the Classroom and Coaching Corner sessions will be available on-demand immediately and can be found under the Units section. They will be uploaded as a video to the Facebook group.




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