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PULSE is our newest subscription-based coaching and training program. It is community-focused and founded on the proven systems and models of Founding Coach, Brendan Bartic, top 1% ranking agent and expert real estate coach used to become the #1 Individual Agent and helped him grow the #1 Real Estate Organization in Colorado.

In PULSE, we focus on delivering key concepts and proven strategies in a bit-size, easily accessible format that everyone can utilize and understand.

We give agents the confidence, skills, and strategies needed to accelerate their careers and go beyond their perceived limitations to finally achieve Mastery!

Brendan and his team have uniquely designed PULSE to be accessible all year round. We welcome all agents from inside and outside Keller Williams.

To maximize your success, our PULSE Coaches utilize microlearning techniques to breakdown complex concepts into simple, easy-to-implement actions you can take on a weekly basis to move the needle forward on your business.

PULSE Power Agents receive a wide variety of exclusive features that promote engagement, accountability, productivity, and results.

  • Experience the benefits of LIVE Coaching every week from the convenience of your home office.
  • Access our Digital Resource Vault with training videos, session replays, and resource downloads
  • Receive business templates, checklists, and tools
  • Utilize Visual Scoreboards + Personalized Digital Number Analyzer
  • Learn easy-to-implement business strategies and tactics
  • Continue the learning on our Coach-moderated Facebook Community with like-minded agents, high achievers, and peak performers

Everyone wants a successful business. We strive to live up to our fullest potential and strive to attain the best results possible. Often, we stumble aimlessly along the path of trial and error. Fumbling from one idea to the next.

What if instead of haphazard results, you knew the simple strategies to systematic success?

With PULSE, you can grow and learn in a community of like-minded agents, high achievers, and peak performers.

Create absolute clarity in your business, track your success with visual scoreboards, be part of a vibrant community of accountability, and receive world-class coaching and training.

Whether you’re starting out in the real estate industry, are stuck in the middle with inconsistent results, or are a top producer, coach, or rainmaker, PULSE can provide you with the accountability, community, cadence of success, and the proven formula to help you breakthrough to become a net Millionaire Real Estate Agent.

The best part? You can receive the benefits of LIVE coaching from the comfort and convenience of your home office.

Agents from all over the world can join weekly group-based training sessions, build their referral network, and experience the high-energy dynamic of motivated agents looking to grow and accelerate their businesses.

Join the dynamic community-based coaching program that will help you achieve and exceed your goals. Start today!

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PULSE Coaching Overview

Who Qualifies

KW, KWRI & Family, KW Recruits


$99/month for Individuals
$995/month for Groups



Time Commitment

Weekly One-Hour Sessions

Woman smiling while typing on silver laptop

Why Choose PULSE


Instead of just winging it, it’s time to shift your mindset towards achieving systematic success. Get absolute clarity on what you want to accomplish in the next three years in your career, with your money, with your health, and in your professional and personal relationships.


Knowing your numbers is crucial to your success! In PULSE, we track our progress daily and weekly with fun, visual scoreboards. Following a weekly cadence of accountability, it’s time to take control of your business and watch your success skyrocket.


We know that staying motivated can be a challenge, but with PULSE, we provide the support and guidance you need to keep pushing forward. Each PULSE Power Agent will begin the program with establishing their individual goals and KPIs. On a weekly basis, our vibrant community will celebrate your success helping you stay motivated to achieve your goals faster than you thought possible.

PULSE is the perfect bridge for those looking to move from BOLD to Mastery. Not only is it an affordable, year-round program option that builds on BOLD’s original group experience and serves as the stepping stone for one-on-one Mastery Coaching.