$2,500/ Month


3 Months

Launch Date

May 15, 2023

What is the Tech Program?

Welcome to the 30-60-90 Tech Program, a specialized 3-month course program that is designed to provide agents of all levels with both a comprehensive overview of KW Command and lead generation strategies that are all centered around increasing GCI.

Unlike other KW Command-based programs, our Tech Program offers customized coaching support from industry experts, practical application accountability, and KW Command best practices that help agents increase profits in less time.

In addition to KW Command, agents will have enhanced their knowledge of KW’s technology suites and developed actionable tactics for creating additional revenue for them and their Market Centers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Program For?

The best part of the 30-60-90 Tech program is that it is product focused rather than position focused. Every KW professional from Agent and Team Leader to Market Center Admin should be taking 30-60-90 Tech, due to its heavy focus on KW Command. 

Agents can benefit from the increased Database Health Score, lead generation opportunities, and KW Command marketing aspects, whereas Market Centers can benefit from the increase in their Market Center Vital Signs, Market Share, and C0$.

What to Expect

While most programs require 18 months to cover the extensive material taught in Tech, our program does it in only 90 days. Each week, our expert coaches will help agents take a deep-dive into KW Command, walking them through each of the eight main applets and how to use them in order to drive additional production.

Upon graduation, each program attendee will be able to witness their growth in real-time using the exact metric tracking software and tools taught in Tech.

Why the Tech Program?

Keller Williams agents that aren’t currently utilizing KW Command are at an automatic disadvantage compared to agents that do. Why? Well, that’s all due to the significant benefits and features that come with using KW Command.

As a platform, it’s more than just a place to hold data. KW Command is a holy grail for agents that demand more out of their business – better leads, increased referrals, consumer behavior tracking, website customization, and more!

Our 30-60-90 Tech Program can take these agents from good agents to successful, elite entrepreneurs, all with the exclusive best practice approaches to KW Command that aren’t available anywhere else.

Meet Our Coaches

Tim Beverlin

Mastery Coach

Prior to becoming a KW MAPS Leadership Coach, Tim served as Team Leader for multiple top 25 Market Centers, and has had the opportunity to be one of the few Tech Road Show Instructors.  Tim is a KWU Approved Trainer and an investor in Keller Williams Market Centers.

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Marty Miller

Mastery Coach

Marty currently lives in Katy, Texas and would love to serve your greater Houston Area referrals including Katy, Cypress, Richmond, Fulshear, Sugar Land and more! Marty is the Team Lead for Summit Property Group and also serves as a MAPS Technology Coach, a LABS Advisor and the Regional Technology Trainer for the Texas South Region...

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  • Testimonials

    "Marty is an amazing coach and trainer. His training makes learning Command easy by associating real estate systems and models (MREA) into the technology at KW. If it wasn't for his 66-day challenge I would have been completely lost when joining KW."

    Bren Brewer
    His training makes learning Command easy by associating real estate systems and models (MREA)"
  • Testimonials

    "Marty‘s trainings have been a phenomenal value to our agents and leadership team! Marty’s training style keeps everyone engaged regardless of their learning style. He delivers the message in such an efficient and impactful way that everyone leaves pumped to use tech to grow their real estate business!"

    Rick Martin
    Marty‘s trainings have been a phenomenal value to our agents and leadership team!"

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