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30 Minutes, Mon-Fri at 8:30am

Launch Date

April 11, 2023

Meet Our Coaches

denny grimes

Denny Grimes

BOLD Coach

Denny Grimes has 40 years of residential sales experience and is a respected real estate agent/expert. He runs a 7 th Level team in Naples Florida and a mega-agent expansion office in Fort Myers. From a production standpoint Denny and his team have sold over 6,000 homes worth well over $1 Billion dollars. Denny is...

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Jon McLeod

Mastery Coach

Jon McLeod is a father and husband first. As a MAPS Mastery Coach, he is able to live his “work” passion – which is helping his clients expand in success, abundance and love each day. He enjoys fishing, playing guitar and being outdoors. He has been a Rotarian for nearly 20 years and finds that...

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