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What is the Productivity Coach Program?

Our PC – Director of Lead Generation 30-60-90 program is designed to help both brand-new and seasoned Productivity Coaches find their focus and develop accountability strategies that can ultimately be implemented by Market Center agents. This program will help agents create a solid business foundation and with our expertly curated resource materials.

The ultimate goal for a PC/DOL is to attract talent to the team, drive daily production, train for skill and drive revenue for the Market Center.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Program For?

Productivity Coaches of all experience levels can benefit from taking our 30-60-90 program! We encourage those with a passion for improvement and who are also looking for ways to hone their current skillset to join. From seasoned veterans to brand-new PCs, our customizable course material is curated to work for a variety of attendees.

What to Expect

Each week, our Productivity Coaches will take part in 5x high-intensity, 30-minute group coaching calls where our expert KW MAPS coach will discuss the four main actionable stages to productivity coaching, including:

  • The Set up Economic Model
  • The Lead Generation Model (high-priority)
  • The Budget Model
  • The Organization Model

Upon graduation, each Productivity Coach will learn how to more closely align themselves with their Team Leader and increase the productivity of noncapping associates, by which helping them to reach capper level.

Why the Productivity Coach Program?

A Powerful program creates an environment of growth, production and revenue for the entire Market Center.

It’s the responsibility of a Productivity Coach to hold agents accountable and provide them with an actionable plan for implementing the correct strategies and tracking their success. They’re also a vital part of developing a community of productive agents and future leaders in the Market Center, which is why it’s so important that each PC/DOL has the proper training and resources they need to motivate agents and increase Market Center profits.

Meet Our Coach

Deb Jolly

Mastery Coach

With over 35 years’ experience half as a top producing agent and half in leadership. Based in foundational models Deb has built organizations from the ground up and navigated many changes & challenges successfully. Deb’s straight forward approach and wealth of knowledge provides value to her coaching clients.

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  • Testimonials

    "Laura is an amazing coach that pulls the best out of her clients. There is immense value in this program!! I would highly recommend all pc coaches go through 30-60-90!! I would do it again!!"

    Gena Dillon
    There is immense value in this program!!"
  • Testimonials

    "This was not just a course - this truly was a journey of growth and enlightenment. I have grown more in the last 90 days than I can remember in the last 7 years with Keller Williams. I am walking away from this program empowered and driven with a clear goal and vision for the future of our program."

    Shanna Bluml
    I have grown more in the last 90 days than I can remember in the last 7 years with Keller Williams"
  • Testimonials

    "This was an amazing class and I look forward to implementing the things that I have been taught in my coaching program. Deb Jolly is top notch!!"

    Jan Hall
    This was an amazing class and I look forward to implementing"
  • Testimonials

    "I am 100% a different person today than I was 90 days ago, and this group is solely behind that!"

    Shanna Bluml
  • Testimonials

    "The program puts structure around the job. It helped me see my strengths and areas of opportunities. Seeing the group succeed opens my eyes to what's next!"

    Ann Scoggins
  • Testimonials

    "I have learned and grown so much and I think every Productivity Coach needs to take this course along with Coaching Skills Camp."

    Nicky Whitfield
  • Testimonials

    "Being in this group helped me be more committed again to the agents, especially during a shifting market. There's so much value gained during the 30 minutes together daily."

    Eva Garcia
  • Testimonials

    "This program gave me direction and purpose. Now I have brand new agents writing offers in their first month. We're getting to production much faster!"

    Grace Jones
  • Testimonials

    "The coach has to call the play, just like in sports. This has helped me become a better agent, person and definitely coach. I'm excited for the future!"

    Jordan Ostrofsky
  • Testimonials

    "Now I have something tangible that I can implement everyday and I know that it works."

    Jan Hall

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