Pipeline Growth


$2,500/ Month




3 Months

Launch Date

June 6, 2024

What is the Pipeline Growth Program?

Ready to sign Seven Figures in GCI into your active listings and representations in 90 days? Welcome to our Pipeline Growth 30-60-90 program. 

This high-intensity lead generation course is designed to teach agents and their teams how to build and win a pipeline of listing and representation agreements in three months that total $1M or more in gross commission. Referred to as  “7 Figures in 90 Days,” this course challenges its participants to rapidly evolve their habits, mindsets, and systems to achieve massive results. 

Each registration includes access for both your sales and operations members, to ensure that the momentum and tactics you are learning are absorbed by your entire business. You leave this experience with tracking systems, database tools, and a full recorded library of recordings from the 60 sessions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Program For?

This program is specially designed for agents looking to grow and scale or stabilize their business. If you are ready to demolish your habits and systems that keep you in the weeds and out of production, this course will do just that.  

From day 1, the program has you strategize the exact activities you require to create a seven-figure earning opportunity and immediately into massive action around it.

What to Expect

In the 90-day course, you will learn various skills, tools, and technology applications to take your business from a moderate GCI to a million-dollar status. Each month will focus on a lead funnel, including generation, conversion, and stabilization. Throughout the experience, you will digest and deploy three negotiation curriculums, three sales curriculums, weekly mindset conversations, and review key takeaways from more than 20 curated books- all selected to move you relentlessly toward the goal of consistent 7 figure production.

In the first 30 days, agents will focus primarily on lead generation, including:

  • Habits
  • Database
  • Mindset
  • Conversation Building
  • And more!

After that, the goal switches from generation to lead conversion, primarily focusing on business and representative agreements. Finally, in the last 30 days, our expert KW MAPS Coaches will walk you through stabilizing the foundation under your business to maintain a proper level of momentum so that this experience becomes a standard mode of operation in your business.  

To accomplish this, the group focuses on powerful accountability and a daily drive toward specific results. 

Why the Pipeline Growth Program?

The Pipeline Growth Program is ideal for an agent or team ready to convert an existing database at the highest level and quickly move through the limiting beliefs and systems gaps that are currently in the way. With exclusive access to features like accountability through metrics tracking and pivoting tactics, agents can learn to tap into habits that will get them to seven figures of GCI in 90 days.

Meet Our Coach

MAPS Coach Alicia Shepherd

Alicia Shepherd

Mastery Coach

Coach Alicia Shepherd is passionate about her mission to make the commercial real estate industry a welcome space for all. Her vision is to transform the industry, to enable the inclusion of more diversity and opportunity, through improving how those in the industry learn, how they serve their client, and how they function within the...

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  • Testimonials

    "Wow it's an amazing program. Hold on to your hats and take notes - you are about to be launched into production, tools and services like you have never known before"

    Susan Williamson
    Wow it's an amazing program."
  • Testimonials

    "This program will help every agent, but not every agent will take the accountability seriously. I wish I had done it earlier in the year. Lessons learned will last a lifetime! Alicia is an amazing teacher and coach!!"

    Jim Barbour
    Lessons learned will last a lifetime!"

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