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Monthly – Individual $39 | Market Center Facilitated $466




Individual – Min. 5 Months | Market Center Facilitated – 3 Months

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October 2, 2023

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What is Never Ending Referrals?

Never Ending Referrals is a program to teach you the strategic options, models and systems needed to gain mastery over your #1 business asset…your database!

This proven system is designed to produce a 10% or better return from your connected contacts while growing your database by 250 or more quality relationships annually. We will assist you in creating your personalized plan for success (GPS), embrace the power of dialogue and free you from the grip of call bias.

For full course outline for the Individual Edition, click HERE!

Support Your Agents by Facilitating Never Ending Referrals in your Market Center

Become a valued advisor for your Market Center and bring Never Ending Referrals to your associates! Help your agents take their database to new levels of success.  In just 6 weeks, your agents will be assisted in building their personalized GPS. By bringing this program into your Market Center, you will see your agents harness the DTD2 system, become more confident communicating the messages of the market and having meaningful conversations with clients, learn how to be their authentic self, become the trusted advisor and finally learn how to build a repeatable and sustainable business that will benefit your Market Center greatly.

For full course outline for the Market Center Edition, click HERE!

So whether you are looking to improve your Database Returns or becoming a valued advisor and database champion for your Market Center, Never Ending Referrals has a solution for you!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What topics will be covered?

  • Setting the Foundation
  • Who are you Being for Your Database – Embrace Your Behavior
  • Business to Business and Social Media
  • Client Parties and Events – It’s Not About the Party!
  • Eight Touches to a Lasting Impression
  • The Local Expert & Trusted Advisor
  • Geo-Farming: The Other Database
  • Video Communication and Pulling it all Together
  • For full course outline for the Individual Edition, click HERE!

Who is this program for?

Agents and Market Center Leadership

Individual Edition – Never Ending Referrals is for any agent who desires to have a predictable and duplicatable business. One where you wake up on January 1st each year knowing where your first 36, 50, or 150 transactions are coming from because you designed it that way! We recommend every agent from beginner to CEO take this course and develop a mastery-level skill set for database management.

Market Center Facilitated Edition – Any Productivity Coach, Team Leader or ALC member who wants to master the content. They will gain the trust of agents and build a relationship this way. If there are more than 50 agents participating, we suggest a co-facilitator.

Recommendation: Facilitator should remain the same each week however the co-facilitator could be someone different each week.

What to expect? Individual Edition

On the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Monday of each month, Tammi and Steve will lead you through one of the core 8 lessons of Never Ending Referrals. You will learn how to network with prospective clients, generate leads, and understand how to use social media as a relationship building engine. In our program, agents will receive a variety of materials including:

  • Live Webinars and Expert/Subject Matter Interviews
  • Market of the Moment Conversations
  • Immediate Access to a Library of over 150 On-Demand Training videos, webinar recordings and interviews
  • Admission to our Facebook Group for networking, best practices and accountability
  • Plus so much more!

What to expect? Market Center Facilitated Edition

In 6 weeks, agents will receive a recurring lecture & lab-based format that is designed to be delivered one session per week for six total weeks! Each session will require between 2 and 2.5 hours to complete, with each one building upon another culminating with the agent possessing their customized blueprint for database success. 

With our Never Ending Referrals for Market Centers program, agents will also receive a variety of material, including:

  • 12 Week Access to the Never Ending Referrals for Market Centers eLearning portal and materials.
  • 6 Video Lessons plus Bonus Videos
  • Promotional Flyer / Videos
  • Session Workbooks
  • Facilitator Guide for each session
  • Scoreboard
  • Student Scorecard

Why Never Ending Referrals?

So you can move from chasing business to attracting business! Referrals and repeat business will flow to you freely as you become the trusted advisor and local real estate economist of choice for those in your Database!

Meet Our Coaches

Steve Schlueter

Fast Track Coach

Steve has worn many hats in the real estate industry. As an agent Steve sold as many as 100 homes a year and was recognized as one of the Top 20 RE/MAX agents in the State of Texas. After eleven years of sales Steve took on the role of Team Leader for a Keller Williams...

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Tammi Juengst

BOLD Coach

Tammi began her career as a single mom with no financial support from anyone.  Failure wasn’t an option.  She says “I am a student and poster child for Keller Williams and education.  I didn’t have the option of being creative, I had to learn how to build a real estate business the RIGHT way and...

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  • Testimonials

    "Never ending referrals has allowed us to organize and systematize the value that we have in our database. The value comes from the relationships that we are constantly nurturing the quarterly conversations and 44X."

    Thomas Martin
    Never ending referrals has allowed us to organize and systematize the value that we have in our database."

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