Mega Listing Agent


$250/Month for 2 Months ($500) – Multi-Payment




9 Weeks

Launch Date

January 10, 2024

What is the Mega Listing Agent Program?

The Mega Listing Agent program was developed for those seeking the tools necessary in creating predictable listing sources. Discover the strategies that will set you apart from every other agent in the industry. In the next 9 sessions, our expert KW MAPS Coaches Emily and Aaron will teach you how to take back control of your time, expectations and communication.

  • Listing Sources
  • Realtor of Choice
  • Pricing Accuracy
  • Marketing Tactics
  • Conversation Guidelines
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Frequently Asked Questions

What topics will be covered?

  • Goals & market number tracking 
  • Top listing lead Sources, lead source ROI, & conversion data
  • Expireds & cancelleds
  • FSBOs, circle prospecting, vacant land, & investors
  • SOI, past clients, allied resources, orphan listings, & referrals
  • Direct mail, social media, farm, & Google
  • Mega open houses & door-knocking
  • Prequal, pre-list, & prep
  • Listing consult & pricing expectations
  • Objection handlers
  • Seller communication

Who is this program for?

Agents, Listing Agents, Lead Listing Agents, Rainmakers, Director of Sales, ISA’s, Listing Administration.

What to expect?

For 9 weeks total, you’ll get access to 1 hour weekly sessions with two KW MAPS Coaches who will train you on how to crush your listing goals.

Mega Listing Agent covers the following content:

  • The Top Prospecting and Marketing Listing Strategies
  • The Mega Listing Agents Prequalification Process
  • The Ultimate Pre-List Process
  • The Entire Listing Consultation
  • The Top Listing Objection Handlers
  • The BEST Talking Points to Yield High Conversion Rates
  • The Pricing Expectations Plan

Why Mega Listing Agent?

We believe the most successful agents aren’t the ones who dedicate 100% of their time to their business, but instead counter balance between home and work life. Our goal is to provide each agent with just that – the skills and management strategies to effectively balance time between their growing business and time with loved ones.

Because when you are thriving, so is your business.

Meet Our Coaches

Emily Baker

Fast Track Coach

Emily Baker is an Executive MAPS Coach who has developed systems, strategies, and lead conversion dialogues proven to yield 50 listings per month. Emily partners with realtors who are seeking to build or scale a listing based business. She coaches simple, scalable, and quick implementation systems and models to help achieve their goals through the...

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Aaron Simons

Mastery Coach

Upon receiving his real estate license in 2004 Aaron knew the value of being part of a team. As a lead listing agent he averaged over 175 listings taken per year and has taken over 1200 listings. This led to a career as a MAPS Head Coach and Executive Coach having the privilege to coach...

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  • Testimonials

    "Mega Listing Agent surpassed my expectations. Informative, relevant, relatable & specific personalized content such that one can easily implemented into their content. This is a must coaching program for anyone looking to grow & succeed in leading with listings!"

    Renata Lewis
    Mega Listing Agent surpassed my expectations."
  • Testimonials

    "I’ve been enrolled in MLA three times, learning valuable skills that I’ve immediately implemented into my professional real estate career. The most recent one, by far, has been the most influential. I’ve listened to and watched each session a minimum of 3 times, and each time picked up on something I missed before. Thank you both for offering your expertise and helping so many others have the opportunity to achieve success in real estate."

    Lindsey Williams
    They have made a significant impact on me!"
  • Testimonials

    "Emily demonstrated their jaw dropping skill level and gave me a vision for what I can be, do and have/achieve!"

    Jesse Kern
    Gave me a vision for what I can be, do and have/achieve!"
  • Testimonials

    "Last year I closed a total of 24 listings, during the program Mega Listing Agent I've closed 21 listings so far!"

    Erica Rawls
  • Testimonials

    "Emily and Aaron are amazing instructors, sharing their experiences and challenges with us like we are friends. The strategies I gained from their Mega Listing Agent classes made an immediate change in my success as a listing agent. I look forward to the next class they teach, so I can stay on top of trends and keep elevating my business"

    Beth Bush
    The strategies I gained made an immediate change in my success as a listing agent!"
  • Testimonials

    "Worth the money to invest in improving your listing business"

    Worth the money to invest in improving your listing business"

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