Mega Buyer Agent


$198 – One-Time Payment




6 Weeks

Launch Date

April 11, 2024

What is the Mega Buyer Agent Program?

Welcome to the Mega Buyer Agent program! In this 6 week – 6 session webinar program, you will learn  the proven strategies to build your buyer business to a master level. Our professional coach will walk you through each stage of your business and provide you with customized, effective tools that you can use to reach your ultimate business goal.

In each session, you’ll work with fellow attendees and your coach to learn systems and talking points that you can immediately implement with the goal of increasing both the effectiveness and efficiency of your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What topics will be covered?

  • What it takes to be a Mega Buyer Agent
  • Building a pipeline with leads
  • Mastering the strategy session
  • Success with showings and adding showing partners
  • Command the negotiation
  • Learn customer service skills and the value of reviews

Who is this program for?

The best part about the Mega Buyer Agent program is that it’s beneficial for all buyer agents at any stage of their business.

Whether you have questions about talking points or building a team or you want to master your current level, our coach is here to provide you with all the effective, proven strategies for building your business to its fullest potential.

What to expect?

In the Mega Buyer Agent Program, you’ll complete six full sessions where you’ll learn the ins and outs of a successful business – no matter what stage you’re currently in. Each call via webinar is recorded so that you can playback any information you may have missed the week before. Each individual will have access for 60 days after the conclusion of the final session, which will leave plenty of time to take extra notes, implement new strategies, or ask questions!

Why Mega Buyer Agent?

The Mega Buyer Agent program is designed to help you leverage intentionally at each pivotal point to increase productivity and retain quality of life. In six weeks, you’ll learn to develop leaders within your organization, streamline the buy side process using new talking points, use leverage to maximize efficiencies, and more!

We want each attendee to build their team and increase customer care, as well as repeat business and the Mega Buyer Agent program will help you get there.

Meet Our Coaches

Jen Davis

Fast Track Coach

Jen Davis joined the real estate industry in 2008. Jen was closing 16 properties per year before partnering with Holt Homes Group at Keller Williams in 2012. Jen took her love of working with buyers and became the lead Buyer Specialist for the team. Her first year at KW, she adopted the Keller Williams models...

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Kari Wyrsch

Kari Wyrsch

Fast Track Coach

Kari Wyrsch got her Real Estate license in 2007, her GRI in 2009 and Brokers license in 2010. In 2012, Kari moved from a small local brokerage to Keller Williams, where her business promptly tripled, propelling her to Top Individual Agent at Keller Williams in 2013, 2015 and 2016. Kari hired her first MAPS Coach...

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  • Testimonials

    "I've taken Mega Buyer Agent 7 times. The content is super relevant to the market!"

    Amy Bergen
  • Testimonials

    "Loved the realness of the program these women put me at ease and gave great strategies."

    Kandice Morales
    Loved the realness of the program"
  • Testimonials

    "I've been raving about this series to anyone who will listen. Highly highly recommend! If you end up having a "level 2" or graduated version of this, I'd gladly take to dive even deeper."

    Kerry Wood
    Highly highly recommend!"
  • Testimonials

    "I'm a Buyer Agent in Lisbon, Portugal and even though they are different markets, I managed to get a lot of notes and tips on how to get around various situations. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to take this it will allow me to grow a lot."

    Diogo Silva
    I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to take this course"
  • Testimonials

    "I thought this course was extremely helpful and will definitely recommend to anyone new or experienced in being an agent!"

    Joe Stephen
    Recommend to anyone new or experienced"
  • Testimonials

    "I will use what I learned in this class to shape my growing business and team for years to come. Well-paced, informative, and energetic coaching!"

    Jordan Clemans
    I will use what I learned for years to come."
  • Testimonials

    "The coaches were great! This class was perfect for any agent regardless of their position or years in the industry!"

    Sam C.
    This class was perfect for any agent regardless of their position or years in the industry!"
  • Testimonials

    "These ladies were absolutely amazing!! The tips and insight that they provided really helped to turn my business around!"

    Carlos Horton
    The tips and insight that they provided really helped to turn my business around!"

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