Market Center Administrator



$2,500/ Month




3 Months

Launch Date

September 16, 2024

What is the Market Center Administrator Program?

The Market Center Administrator program was developed out of the desire to have better, more organized Market Centers with a seamless day-to-day functionality.

In just three months our Market Center Administrator program will help MCA’s: develop retention systems, establish strong leadership conversations, and build a Market Center database that supports a million dollar organization. Because, after all, “what recruits retains; what retains recruits.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Program For?

Our Market Center Administrator program was uniquely designed for a variety of roles that pertain to the system’s organization professional within a Market Center – including MCAs, Market Center Operations Managers (MCOMs), and Director of Operations (DOOs).

While our program is available for MCAs of all experience levels, those with more experience will have a better understanding of the material within the course, as it does come with a significant learning curve. It’s our recommendation that current MCAs or those who have been in the position for three months or more take the course!

What to Expect

The Market Center Administrator program offers a complete look at the day-to-day life of an MCA, as well as other effective strategies, including retention pipelines, SWOT analysis, economic models, and more! Each week, our expert coaches will cover the full spectrum of administration for a Market Center and provide MCAs with the exact tools and resources they’ll need to properly manage and sustain a growing Market Center.

Upon graduation of the program, each MCA will have developed their own systems that uniquely support a culture of growth, productivity, and training – all centered around the six core competencies of a business. In addition, MCAs will have produced actionable plans that include:

  • A documented operations manual with a minimum of 12 outlined operations systems.
  • A written Market Center 36 Touch program.
  • A working Market Center database with a minimum of 120 agent touches.
  • 360° leadership conversations for team members and agents alike.

Meet Our Coaches

jennie schlipp 03.23 head shot

Jennie Schlipp

Mastery Coach

Jennie Schlipp joined Keller Williams in 2011 as the Market Center Administrator at the Saint Joseph Market Center, and then transferred to the Kalamazoo Market Center in December 2013. She has several years of experience in financial management and leading several offices within a family owned business. Soon after joining Keller Williams, Jennie quickly found...

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Herbert Catania

Mastery Coach

Herb Catania graduated from California Polytechnic State University in 2009 with a degree in Business Management and Accounting.  He then became the Market Center Administrator, and Director of Operations at a Market Center in Fresno, California.  During his time in the position, he helped the Market Center grow in profitability over 300%, until he was...

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  • Testimonials

    "I've been with KW for seven years. I started as an AMCA and have been an MCA for five years now. I feel pretty confident that I'm good at my role and this course helped me level up to be even more systematized, strategic, and purposeful. Every MCA should participate in this course! It has a steep price tag and it's worth every penny."

    Rachel Heath
    Every MCA should participate in this course!"
  • Testimonials

    "MCA 30-60-90 class provided invaluable insights and tools for improving our Market Center. From creating weekly systems to learning from other MCAs, it was a game-changer. It’s exactly what I needed to focus and lead effectively. If you’re on the fence, take it – it benefits not just you, but the entire market center."

    Mark Adams

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