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What is the Listing Agent Program?

In 30-60-90, the Listing Agent program is a 90-day intensive training designed to get agents into productions and take more listings. With exclusive, up-to-date material that is formatted primarily around lead generation and the listing sales funnel, both prospective and current Listing Agents can better understand where to find leads and the strategies needed to convert them into sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Program For?

The best part about the Listing Agent program? There are no limitations to the type of agent who can benefit from this course. Our program is specially curated to work for a variety of experience levels, as well as specializations and can be extremely helpful to both veteran and brand-new agents.

What to Expect

In this intensive training course, Listing Agents will cover numerous topics centered around the three pillars of the listing process, including lead generation, listing appointment conversion, and listing management.

Each week, agents will take part in 4x 30-minute trainings that focus primarily on accountability, skill work, and training implementation. Upon graduation, Listing Agents will learn new, effective strategies they can implement into their current business and work to triple their daily contact count.

Why the Listing Agent Program?

If you’re ready to increase sales and develop new skills for becoming an expert Listing Agent, this program is for you. Our professional coach is here to guide you through the entire listing process from beginning to end, providing you with the resources and foundational tactics that are required to be a top listing agent.

Meet Our Coaches

Aaron Simons

Mastery Coach

Upon receiving his real estate license in 2004 Aaron knew the value of being part of a team. As a lead listing agent he averaged over 175 listings taken per year and has taken over 1200 listings. This led to a career as a MAPS Head Coach and Executive Coach having the privilege to coach...

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Ryan Allen

Mastery Coach

I have been in the business since 2012 and have been in every seat of a 7th level team. I began my real estate career as an Executive Administrator transitioning to Director of Operations to a single agent and grew the team to 14 members in 3 years closing $25M in sales. During that time,...

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  • Testimonials

    "I absolutely loved this class! The accountability and smaller group format really helped me stay on track. All of the material was relevant and very helpful in getting systems in place."

    Molly Wight
    I absolutely loved this class!"

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