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6 Weeks

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What is the Language of Sales Program?

How do you want to communicate your business?

Taught by MAPS Performance Coach and language expert Kara Moll, you can become a true real estate communication influencer during this 6-week program

The focus will be on the art and science of communicating with an emphasis on rapport building, effective communication, identifying buying and selling strategies, overcoming objections, anchoring positive states, and influencing decision making all to raise your influence as a speaker and to provide support for your clients looking to achieve a goal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What topics will be covered?

  • Internal representation, acknowledging, and validating
  • Powerful questions and modal operators
  • Rapport and presuppositions
  • Visual, audio, and kinesthetic learning
  • Keyword backtracking, embedded commands
  • The four presuppositions of language and quotes
  • Temporal presuppositions & reframing

Who is this program for?

Whether you’re an agent considering a move – one who works with buyers, sellers, or both or a leader who would like to inspire those around them to act, this hands-on course allows you to take a deep-dive into the powerful techniques that can help make you and your business more influential.

Throughout the program, you will grow as an influencer, perfecting your communication and creating a presence that allows others to win as the result of your relationship! Your improved communication skills will reach beyond your business, influencing the relationships you have with friends and family.

What to expect?

During our 6 week webinar, you’ll learn how to incorporate proven communication strategies taken from powerful lessons by impactful leaders and agents alike. With this course, you’ll receive materials in the form of videos, conversations, and individualized coaching that will help you to gain an edge in the Language of Sales.

Why Language of Sales?

All great sales start with one thing: communication. Upon completing this course, you’ll be able to effectively communicate your goals with your team, provide valuable insight to your customers, and promote your business in brand-new ways.

Meet Our Coach

Kara Moll

Performance Coach

Scott Fitzgerald said “It’s never too late…to be the person you want to be” and Kara Moll is a testament to those words. After a successful career designing marketing programs for high-profile clients and musical artists, Kara decided that she wanted to make a difference closer to home.  Realizing that family, friends and neighbors needed...

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  • Testimonials

    "Kara's class is amazing! I am already looking forward to taking it again. Personally and professionally it helped me with being able to be more persuasive through language and be able to close more deals. What we say and how we say it can make all the difference in how many new clients we get and how impactful we can be. I recommend this class to anyone and everyone that is committed to propel their business forward, through a greater command of sales language! Taking this class makes you more persuasive, influential and increases your production and income!!"

    Robyn Aldo
    Taking this class makes you more persuasive, influential and increases your production and income!!"
  • Testimonials

    "Even if I stopped after the first class it would have been enough! So much value and insight on speaking patterns. I can't stop talking to everyone I know about the value of Language of Sales and what I've taken away! I will definitely be rewatching and looking forward to further classes to continue to master."

    Alexandra Bradley
    I can't stop talking to everyone I know about the value of Language of Sales and what I've taken away!"

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