Commercial Mentorship Program


$199/Month for 6 Months ($1,194)




22 Weeks

Launch Date

May 31, 2023

What is the Commercial Mentorship Program?

Our Fast Track Commercial Mentorship Program was designed with success in mind.

In this high-intensity, 6 month program, you’ll get access to exclusive tips, tricks, and resources from our commercial experts that will help you refine your business. Not only will you learn to create optimal habits, mindset, and accountability practices that will benefit you in the future, but you’ll also work with a team to create business systems, master presentation skills, and develop engaging conversations that you can use for your business right now.

Agents can implement their learned systems and processes into their current business strategy in order to develop true relationships with their clients that will ultimately deliver better sales and more referrals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Program For?

Our MAPS Coach, Dale Donovan Bee will take each team through every stage of the business, ensuring they become masters of every level. No matter where you are in your business, you can benefit from taking the Commercial Mentorship Program.

This program is designed for both experienced and new commercial agents who are looking to develop and expand their CRE business.

What to Expect

During each week of this program, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of what makes a CRE business successful. Agents will learn how to start engaging clients and winning commercial assignments in no time, with customized CRE business tasks and activities, including:

  • Performance and metrics tracking for lead generation and closing transactions
  • Critical transactional activities checklist
  • In-depth review on commercial contracts, letter, and proven negotiation tactics
  • Relationship building strategies
  • Bi-Monthly Masterminds on Commercial Real Estate Hot Topics
  • “Day in the Life of a CRE agent” examples

Why the Commercial Mentorship Program?

Go beyond your comfort zone and create your dream CRE business.

Learn from accredited experts in the field on how to build and sustain a successful CRE business.

Get real-time feedback that will improve your communication, presentation, and management skills.

Work with fellow agents and learn as a team how to handle unique or challenging situations.

Put your new skills into action by gaining new clients, earning more money, and create a team of CRE experts.

Meet Our Coach

Dale Donovan Bee

Fast Track Coach

Dale Donovan Bee, MAPS Mastery Coach-Commercial, is a 30+ year commercial real estate veteran. She serves as a director at KW Commercial Heritage in Central Florida while sharing her expertise as a KW MAPS Commercial Coach. Specializing in acquisitions and sales of commercial properties and land, Dale brings over three decades of commercial real estate...

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  • Testimonials

    "Really recommend this course. Great information and Coach Dale Donovan is very experienced. She tells you exactly what you need to learn to increase your RE Business. Congratulations and thank you for your time, support, and coaching. I have increased both, as a person and as a Real Estate professional."

    David Sanchis Pascual KW Valencia, Spain
    Coach Dale Donovan tells you exactly what you need to learn to increase your RE Business."
  • Testimonials

    "Having entered MAPS Fast Track Coaching with Dale Donavan has been refreshing and welcoming to a world that feels new and scary. Having the ability to interact with other KW Commercial hopefuls like myself from all over the country, certainly made me look at myself and say I can do this. Gives me courage and confidence that the dream to be on my way to become commercial realtor is possible. I can run to our mentor and ask questions. I feel the program brings a lit of value and growth. I certainly recommend and I'm recommending it to other agents. It's a great recurring tool. Thank you for Dale for being a wealth of inspiration and knowledge.."

    Christina Powers
    Gives me courage and confidence that the dream to be on my way to become commercial realtor is possible."

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