Coaching Skills Camp

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2 Days

What is Coaching Skills Camp?

We are all coaches in our lives, as rainmakers, Market Center Leaders, directors, parents, and many other facets of life. Coaching Skills Camp is your playbook for coaching. You will not only increase your coaching skills, you will also learn about the coaching relationship, be given tools to be more effective, have live experience with many of the coaching models, as well as learn the eight Coaching Scenarios AND which of the coaching models and tools go with each of these.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Event for?

  • ANYONE who wants to be a better leader
  • ANYONE who wants to be a true coach for others
  • ANYONE who wants to learn and have fun in the process
  • ANYONE who would like to become a MAPS Coach

What to Expect

Over the course of two days, our world-class MAPS Coaches will bring you into a deep dive of the models and effective strategies on being better leaders.

Tackle your limiting beliefs during an evening event after Day One.

What is the Advanced version?

At Coaching Skills Camp, you learned fundamentals such as listening, asking questions, structuring conversations, developing client awareness, and coaching to the MREA. You also learned which coaching models to use in certain situations depending on the nature of the obstacle your client is facing.

Now is the time to take those skills to the next level! With shifting markets, rapid changes to the industry, and talent expecting more out of its leaders than ever before, your ability to effectively coach could be the difference between sharing and getting your unfair share. Together, we will learn and work through new models, avoid pitfalls, and go deep on the experiential learning.

You must take Coaching Skills Camp 2.0 at least two times prior to attending the Advanced version.

Meet Our Coaches

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Jeanne Osness

Mastery Coach

Jeanne Osness is an Executive Coach and has been a MAPS coach since 2014. She is the mother of 7 and grandmother (Jeje) of 13. She has written several courses for KWRI and MAPS and continues to deliver those courses throughout the country. Her coaching specialty is Profit…how to run a profitable business. Her passion...

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John Vander Gheynst

Performance Coach

John is a Executive Performance Coach and has been a KW MAPS Coach since 2014. His life’s mission is to fulfill the values of excellence, learning, service and wisdom through coaching and teaching, serving his passion for human learning and development and ultimately helping the world to be more aware, authentic and abundant.

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