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3 Months

Launch Date

July 1, 2024

What is the Buyer Agent Program?

Welcome to our 30-60-90 Buyer Agent Program, an in-depth, tailored program designed to help Buyer Agents start or build upon their current business. In the course of 90-days, you will receive proven strategies for challenges such as lead generation, appointment setting, and contract negotiations.

Agents who fully commit to the program will graduate with a minimum of six closed or pending sales and 18 buyer clients in the business pipeline.

Become an elite Buyer Agent for your team and leverage exclusive content to elevate your status. The Buyer Agent 30-60-90 Program will begin your launch into higher-level MAPS programs, including Breakthrough and Mastery Coaching.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Program For?

The best part about our Buyer Agent Program is that it’s designed for agents of all levels, from recently licensed to Director of Sales. New or experienced Buyer Agents will get a comprehensive overview of the buying process, which can either kick-start your business or give you a refresh if you’ve hit a plateau.

Those in a higher level, including Team Leads or Director of Sales will learn how to better build out their training programs, guaranteeing a more seamless production process.

What to Expect

The Buyer Agent program is not a one-size-fits-all program. With tailored material and customizable training that is entirely based on the needs of the group, participants can leverage their course training to the real-world.

From day one to day 90, each agent will learn how to approach a variety of buyer-specific challenges, including:

  • Lead generation
  • Lead follow-up
  • Setting appointments
  • Signed agreements
  • Showing properties
  • Contract negotiations
  • Inspection period
  • Closings
  • How to gain repeat referrals

The goal for each 90-day session is for each participant to achieve six new pendings or closes upon graduation. Our expert KW MAPS Coaches will provide you with all the resources you’ll need to have a pipeline of 18 buyers which you can take into your next 90-days.

Why the Buyer Agent Program?

Becoming or training a successful Buyer Agent can be confusing without the right guidance and resources, which is why our Buyer Agent program has been so successful. Through weekly accountability checks and interactive activities, our agents leave with newfound confidence in themselves and their business.

Each program delivers fresh, new material, including role play training, Q &A, interactive content, and more so that you can reach your goals and move past your perceived road blocks.

Meet Our Coaches

Jen Davis

Fast Track Coach

Jen Davis joined the real estate industry in 2008. Jen was closing 16 properties per year before partnering with Holt Homes Group at Keller Williams in 2012. Jen took her love of working with buyers and became the lead Buyer Specialist for the team. Her first year at KW, she adopted the Keller Williams models...

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Sarah Detmore

Mastery Coach

Prior to becoming a MAPS Coach, Sarah Detmore was a top producing Buyer Agent and Vice President of Sales with The Loken Group, one of the largest Keller Williams real estate teams in the country. She joined The Loken Group in 2013 as a Buyer Agent and quickly rose into a leadership role where she...

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