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8 Weeks

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What is the Build a Marketing Machine Program?

Engage in six information-packed sessions followed by two dynamic masterminds, culminating in your receipt of a stunning drag-and-drop template featuring our perfected email formula. With the course and template, it’s plug & play! Meg & Mary Cheatham will take you step by step through building the perfect email system for your business in classes that are highly tactical. Evaluate your email success with a customizable email tracker and benefit from interactive workshops to refine your skills and ideas. Uncover the secrets of building an effective subject line swipe file, strategies to expand your email list, and methods to track these simple investments for maximum returns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What topics will be covered?

  • The power of consistent emails
  • Systemizing content creation
  • Presenting listings
  • Tell the story of your community
  • Becoming a local market expert
  • Individual vs Team
  • Shining a light on your clients
  • Tracking data & measuring trends
  • Building your email list

What to expect?

  • Drag-and-drop email templates
  • 15 unique ways to present a property in emails
  • 10 ways to spotlight your community in emails
  • Best practices for sharing market updates
  • Hacks for email consistency and systematizing your content creation
  • How to build a subject line swipe file
  • Surefire strategies to build your email list 
  • How to track your return on (a very minor) investment

Why Build a Marketing Machine?

  • You will receive six jam-packed sessions and two highly interactive masterminds.
  • At the end of the sessions, you will receive a drag-and-drop template that’s beautiful AND has our “perfect email formula” embedded in it. It’s like paint by numbers – plug-and-play! 
  • You’ll gain access to a fillable Email Tracker to analyze if your emails are working (and why it matters!).
  • After the six sessions, we will have two workshop-style masterminds to answer any and all questions, and workshop ideas…live!

Meet Our Coaches


Mary Cheatham King

Fast Track Coach

From the get-go, Mary Cheatham’s initiative, integrity, and ability to empower others has allowed her to guide local families through some of the most significant decisions they will ever make. As a result, Mary Cheatham King Real Estate (MCKRE) has held the rank of Carteret County’s number one real estate team since 2017. In addition,...

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Meg Gravley

Fast Track Coach

Meg began her career as a graphic designer and quickly developed a passion for marketing strategy. She joined the team at Mary Cheatham King Real Estate in 2017 and has spent the past several years helping MCKRE grow by 1,118% with emails, social media, events and a printed quarterly magazine as the backbone. Meg and...

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  • Testimonials

    "This class is worth every penny! The dynamic relationship between Mary Cheatham and Meg made each session exciting and engaging. We received valuable knowledge and templates to use immediately as we create our own digital newsletters. The course was genius in breaking down content into buckets of information, making the flow and amount of learning each week just enough and not overwhelming. The ladies were very open and more than happy to share anything, including all their tips and tricks on executing a successful newsletter. I am so glad I found this course and highly recommend it to all agents looking to add concrete value to their sphere."

    Laura Rabas
    The course was genius in breaking down content into buckets of information, making the flow and amount of learning each week just enough and not overwhelming."

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