Brokerage to Teamerage in 90 Days


$250/Month for 3 Months ($750) – Multi-payment




8 Weeks

Launch Date

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“As an owner we have an obligation to fight for profit. Embrace Teamerage.” -Gary Keller

Brokerage to Teamerage in 90 days is ideal for OPs, TLs, PCs, MCA and all Market Center Leadership who are looking to provide more opportunities for your agents leading to more closings, become a place agents don’t want to leave, and increase your profit through increased company dollar.

MAPS Coach Ilana Hubert-Katz will take you through specific strategies for leads, systems, people and value. Each week building your model one action step at a time.  In this 8 week program we will walk through creating your Teamerage 30-60-90.  Whether scaling up or looking to launch, we’ll be breaking down how to find “The Who,” multiple different lead sources, and lead conversion expectations to produce results.

We will also be walking through best practices for your Teamerage agreement; value, standards, expectations, and splits.  You will learn how to share your Teamerage story to become an attractor, and simplified ways to scale up with both leads and agents.  At the end of the day, agents want more leads and appointments, and the knowledge to close more deals.  When the agents on Teamerage win at a high level, the Market Center wins.




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Frequently Asked Questions

What topics will be covered?

  • Launching within a Market Center or a separate company
  • Choosing your system
  • Setting standards
  • Choosing lead sources
  • Creating a 30-60-90
  • Skill set training & accountability
  • Developing standards
  • Growth, scalability, & conversions

Who is this program For?

Our Fast Track program Brokerage to Teamerage in 90 Days, is for a variety of roles within the business.  Director of Growth, Director of Operations, Director of Sales, Market Center Leadership, Market Center Admins, Operating Principals, Team Leaders and Coaches.

What to expect?

Actionable steps to launch/relaunch a profitable Teamerage.  Best practices for greater Market Center production.  Standards to hold agents accountable for improved conversions.  The team that controls the leads and appointments control the market.


Why Brokerage to Teamerage in 90 Days?

We have the Playbook, now dive into specific steps to take your Brokerage to a Teamerage. Create more opportunities for your agents, become an attractor in the industry and grow your company dollar.

Meet Our Coach

Ilana Hubert-Katz

Fast Track Coach

Ilana Hubert-Katz is a Director of Coaching & Business Development and Co-Owner of Keller Williams Legacy, Towson, MD.  She joined Keller Williams after 15+ years of extensive sales experience, leading highly successful sales and recruitment teams.  She has been an agent since 2015 and a full-time coach since 2017. During this tenure, she has advised...

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  • Testimonials

    "I thought that Ilana was very knowledgeable in Teamerage and shared that knowledge in a great, clear and consistent way. She was also not afraid to share her challenges and how she addressed them with us, which made me understand that we all fail forward. I appreciate her time and generosity in giving us more than the class curriculum outlined and her willingness to answer emails/calls after the classes as well. This is a good way to get the basic information and steps to begin Teamerage. Happy that I took this class as an introduction to the program!"

    Judy Scotland
    Happy that I took this class as an introduction to the program!"
  • Testimonials

    "Ilana was able to break down the entire concept of teamerage to smaller and understandable pieces. I went into the course having no idea where to begin and left with complete clarity on the next steps for our Market Center. I would recommend this to anyone in leadership who would like to introduce teamerage to your Market Center."

    Megan Pugliese
    I would recommend this to anyone in leadership who would like to introduce Teamerage to your Market Center!"

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