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What is Mastery Agent Coaching?

Mastery Agent Coaching is solutions-based coaching for agents who want an in-depth look at their business. Your coach can help you identify any areas for development, gaps in skills, or continued ineffective habits that are keeping you from achieving your goals.

Curated for high-performing Keller Williams agents, to join Mastery Agent Coaching, you must qualify by having a GCI that is $150,000 or higher.

Through your 42 Coaching Calls per year (plus Holiday Group Calls), you’ll implement strategies that are uniquely tailored to your business. We believe in supporting our clients in achieving the best results in the least amount of time, so that you can focus on what truly matters.

Experience the difference your accountability coach can make with supportive, in-depth solutions designed to maximize your returns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Mastery Agent different?

Mastery consists of weekly one-on-one coaching calls with a hand-picked MAPS Coach. Your coach is selected based on an in-depth needs analysis performed by an expert Business Growth Advisor.

A coaching relationship is a partnership. When your livelihood and business is what’s at stake, it’s critical to find the perfect match. If your first pairing isn’t right, we’ll find one that is.

What does my Mastery Agent membership include?

  • 42 Coaching Calls per year (plus Holiday Group Calls).
  • Access to exclusive perks and privileges only reserved for Keller Williams’ MAPS Mastery members.

Complimentary Event Tickets

  • Family Reunion
  • Spring Masterminds
  • Mega Agent Camp
  • Fall Masterminds

Membership Discounts

Enjoy exclusive Mastery discounts on select MAPS Fast Track Coaching Programs, KW Franchise Systems Orientation, and more.

Exclusive Mastery Client Experiences

  • Exclusive Networking Events
  • Mastery Lounge Access
  • VIP General Session Seating
  • Transferrable Event Tickets
  • And More!

Do I qualify to join Mastery Agent?

In order to join Mastery Agent Coaching,  you must be a Keller Williams agent and qualify by having a GCI that is $150,000 or higher.

  • Testimonials

    "My experience has been life-changing, my business has tripled. The money comes back tenfold!"

    Amber Cruse
  • Testimonials

    "MAPS has changed my life totally. Having an accountability partner that helps you get to the next level and get through the ceiling of breakthrough is everything."

    Natalie Vuoriaho
  • Testimonials

    "Being a MAPS Client is magical. My big why was for my husband to retire, he was burned out from his job and we were able to do that."

    Louise Weiss
  • Testimonials

    "Mastery Coaching helped me put things into perspective. My coach helped me map things out and show me the simplicity of what it took to reach my goals."

    Joanna Arnold
  • Testimonials

    "The first year in real estate I sold 1 house and 5 years later I've done 18.5 million dollars. My MAPS Coach is like the director to my play. She gives me a game-plan, she inspires me every week, and she has completely transformed my business."

    Mona Elgomayel
  • Testimonials

    "I've been in Mastery Coaching for about 10 years. They give you a bulletproof roadmap for a successful business. Coaching has helped me increase my business innumerably. It literally will change your life."

    Genevieve Rowland

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