Time Blocking: Taking Ownership of your Schedule to Revolutionize Your Business


Julie Abel

Agent, Estes Park, CO

About The Episode

Sometimes we don’t realize how much we need help until life throws us a curveball. What made our guest come to the realization that she needed coaching? Why was her schedule such a huge part of how she was able to shift her business? How do we miss opportunities when we don’t track our numbers? On this episode Julie Abel, a Realtor in Estes Park, CO,  shares how coaching helped her to lift her family out of debt, get through her husband’s heart attack, and become a better leader.

We have a course of action now which we didn’t have before. -Julie Abel

Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  1. If you want different results, you have to do things differently
    With doctor’s bills piling up after her husband’s heart attack, Julie decided to invest in coaching because she knew she had to do something to get a different result for her business and her family.
  2. Running a business without a schedule at the center invites chaos
    Previously, Julie didn’t keep track of what she was doing throughout the day, and she was at the whim of whatever was urgent at the time. As she put it, “Anything barking got my attention, and I had no accountability.”
  3. Coaching turns you into a true business owner
    Prior to getting a coach, Julie worked “in” her business and not “on” it like a true business owner. Before, she spent most of her time dealing with the little tasks that kept her busy and made it impossible for her to think about long-term growth. She then embraced the business owner mindset, and start tracking numbers and planning ahead.

By taking ownership and responsibility for our time, our schedules can go from being a source of stress to becoming the reason our businesses flourish. It takes away the chaos, gives you accountability and turns you into a real business owner. If we build everything around our schedule, we can plan ahead and see the opportunities for growth because we see the bigger picture. Ultimately, there’s a difference between just moving through our business, versus actually being successful and at peace.

Guest Bio

Julie Abel is a Realtor with Keller Williams in Estes Park, CO. For Julie, it’s not about the transaction; it’s about developing relationships with people and serving the community. By listening to her clients and focusing on their needs, The Abel Team consistently provides excellent service and delivers amazing results. Go to https://www.kw.com/kw/agent/julieabel for more information.