Time Blocking: Running Her Business From “Blood & Guts” to “Ease & Elegance”


Jen Davis

Springfield, MO
GCI Jumped from $280K to over $450K in just 2 years

About The Episode

Getting 223 closings as a buyer’s agent with two showing assistants is an amazing feat, and it takes a lot of hard work to get there. How did our guest go from “stressed-out and spread thin”, to leveraged and in-control? Why is she so driven to help other people succeed? Why does she believe in Dianna’s BOLD and the models she’s used to get to where she is? On this episode, Jen Davis, a real estate agent in Springfield, MO, talks about how she’s transformed as a business owner and shares the tools she used to get where she is.

“It’s understanding where other people come from and how they win and making your organization big enough for everyone’s goals.” –    Jen Davis

Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  1. The model that helped Jen the most in the beginning
    The business plan helped her know her numbers, and it gave her daily accountability. By sending her calendar to her coach every week, Jen got her schedule under control. It helped her shine a light on inefficiencies and come up with a plan to improve them. Jen said it finally felt like she had control of her business instead of the business controlling her.
  2. How to win through others
    We all have a drive to win, but the real magic happens when we focus on helping other people win. Jen learned that by focusing on helping other people achieve their goals, her success happens organically.
  3. Why Jen keeps going to Dianna’s BOLD
    Different shifts in your business hit you at different times in your journey. Each time Jen takes Dianna’s BOLD she sees, hears, and learns things differently. She always finds something relevant to what she’s going through at that time.

There’s always going to be a glass ceiling in our business, but there’s also a way to break through it. It could be through a model, a system, coaching, or talking to people who have walked that path before. It’s about plugging into what we need in order to push through the challenges. The models that Jen invested in changed how she shows up every day and how she handles new challenges. She’s become a true business owner, shifting from being overwhelmed to being intentional— and this is something we can all achieve.