Scripts & Affirmations: Playing All In & Being “People Smart”


Morgan Neill

Amarillo, Texas
Increased her GCI by 60% in just under two years selling over 160 units.

About The Episode

To become a successful agent, we have to be intentional about cultivating positivity and confidence— but this doesn’t always come easily. What can we do to overcome our negative self-talk and replace it with the right way of talking to ourselves? Why do we struggle with scripts in the beginning, and how can we make them feel like second nature? How did our guest change her life by playing all-in? On this episode, Morgan Neill, a real estate agent in Amarillo, TX, shares the lessons she’s learned and how to engage with personal development to make sure it sticks.

“Focus on who you surround yourself with and being and giving your best every day.” – Morgan Neill

Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  1. How to make scripts feel more natural
    In the beginning, a script won’t sound like “you” because it hasn’t had time to become “you” yet. It needs time to sink in. Once you practice a script and start to see success with it, it will feel much more natural.
  2. What Morgan does to stay positive and confident
    In our industry, it’s really easy to go down a path of negativity because you have to deal with so much rejection. Morgan keeps reminders of Dianna’s BOLD Laws when she wants to focus at any given time. She takes them everywhere. She puts sticky notes on her mirrors and desks, reminders on her phone screensaver, and she says them over and over.
  3. How to grow from challenges and mistakes
    When Morgan has appointments that she feels she could have done better on, she works on it immediately. She learns from the recent experience while it’s fresh and uses that to get better.

It’s not easy to navigate all the challenges that come with building and running a business. The success starts in our minds, with what we say to ourselves and the actions we take from there. We must believe that our clients need us and that we are the best person for them. Once we have that conviction, we become unstoppable. The first 3 years of business are the hardest, but we just have to grind and put the work in. After that, we get the chance to have a business and personal life that most people can only dream about.