MAPS Coaching Podcast


Career Visioning: Elevating Your Business Through Hired Talent

In real estate, we have systems in our businesses for transactions, but no systems for hiring talent. How does this put us at risk of hiring the wrong people? How did our guest go about building a strong hiring and training system? Why is leverage such a key element of a well-run business? On this […]

Matt Perry

17 Minutes

Lead Generation

Time Blocking: Working Your Database to Generate Business

Many agents think they need to reinvent the wheel to achieve their goals, but this isn’t the case. Why is it so important to get the fundamentals right? How do you generate more leads so there’s enough to go around without the leader having to work double time? Why does your database hold the keys […]

Olivia Cooley

22 Minutes


Training Tracking: How Ownership and Commitment Changed the Game for Kevin Du Toit

A lot of agents struggle with a lack of direction that comes from not having a proper plan. How does this hold you back and create business-ending challenges? Why is tracking your numbers such an important facet of success? How do you go about implementing a business model and a strategy that will bring the […]

Kevin Du Toit

40 Minutes

Goal Setting

4-1-1 Goal Planning: 3 Actionable Tactics With Instant Results

Having the blueprint for your goals is what makes a difference in real estate, and that’s where 411 goal planning comes in. What impact does it make on your business and results? How do you find out what aspects of your business you should focus on? On this episode, Melody Switzer shares how 411 goal […]

Melody Switzer

23 Minutes


How to Invest in Yourself to Help Your Business Succeed with Coby Arzola

We all want to become better versions of ourselves. But can we do it all alone? Is getting help a business cost or an investment that comes with a return? What’s the best strategy to get more solid recommendations? On this episode, Coby shares with us his experiences with KW Maps coaching and how it […]

Coby Arzola

41 Minutes


How to Build a Business that Supports Your Perfect Life with Becky Evans

It’s impossible to have a life when work takes up 80 hours of your week. How can getting a coach help you step into systems of efficiency and leverage? Where do you find clarity? How do you go about staffing your real estate business? On this episode, Becky Evans shares how a coach turned her […]

Becky Evans

23 Minutes

Systems and Models

4-1-1 Model: From Entrepreneur to Purposeful Business Owner

A business with no systems suffers problems like inconsistency and stress on the leader’s part. How do you get off that roller coaster and build a business that is actually stable? How can you build leverage into your life? How do you work on your systems at a higher level? On this episode, Michelle Knobloch […]

Michelle Knobloch

30 Minutes


From Success to Significance: How Coaching Helped Chris Suarez Skill Up & Level Up

Leverage is something a lot of agents are never taught or trained on. What do you do when your business is stressing you out and overwhelming you? Why did Chris Suarez invest in MAPS coaching? How did he implement the 80-20 rule, and how did it help him grow his business and develop his mindset? […]

Chris Suarez

21 Minutes