4-1-1 Goal Planning: 3 Actionable Tactics With Instant Results


Melody Switzer

Broker Agent, Denver, CO
4 Years in Business and Making XXX

About The Episode

Having the blueprint for your goals is what makes a difference in real estate, and that’s where 411 goal planning comes in. What impact does it make on your business and results? How do you find out what aspects of your business you should focus on? On this episode, Melody Switzer shares how 411 goal planning helped her.

The tool that I used that had the biggest impact was the 411 line. It was what I needed to think bigger but more importantly to know the plan of how to get there.
– Melody Switzer

Three Things We Learned from this Episode

  1. Focus on improving your script
    Finding the right script and the right words makes a difference in the real estate industry, especially for beginners. Knowing how to communicate and persuade is a big asset when it comes to selling homes. The more knowledgeable you sound, the more credible and trustworthy you appear.
  2. Find your bun number
    The bun number is the number of calls or appointments you need to close a sale. Look into your past and figure out how many calls it took to reach a certain number of sales, and set it to reach a bigger goal. Break it down in the number of steps that need to be taken based on your current skills.
  3. Create a goal-incentivized schedule
    Set a goal and think of daily actions that pave the way for you to accomplish your goal. The next step is simple: create an everyday schedule and follow it religiously. Instead of looking for motivation, create a daily routine that forces you to get things done without overthinking it.

The best way to keep your energy up is to have a plan before you start your day. Your business actions should fall into a routine, where every step comes naturally. Find the metrics that matter the most for the growth of your business and create a schedule around those metrics. With the right goals, you will see huge changes in your business.

Guest Bio

Melody Switzer has been a licensed broker agent at the Bogar Pilkington Group for over 7 years. She started her real estate journey in 2010 as a real estate services administrator. Today she is one of the top performers in the Denver metro area in residential real estate.