Leverage: Gaining Confidence and Freedom by Knowing Your Business


Matt Patterson

Agent, Punta Gorda, FL
Increased his GCI from $600K to $950K in 1 year

About The Episode

Many of us lose out in business because we expect instant gratification with coaching. What helps determine the speed of our results? What are some of the key concepts that coaching introduced to our guest’s life and business? What are some of the failures we can learn from? On this episode, Matt Patterson, a real estate agent in Punta Gorda, FL, shares how transforming as an agent, business owner, and leader impacted his results.

You get confidence by knowing your business. -Matt Patterson

Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  1. Share the vision
    As leaders, having the vision in our heads is just the first step. Step 2 is communicating the vision and getting our people to participate in it. We have to bring them along on our journey of improvement so they can buy into it and see what we see.
  2. Commit to all the facets of a new system
    The reason a lot of new systems and programs don’t succeed is that we try to cherry-pick the things we want to do. The à la carte approach doesn’t work, and we have to commit to implementing the whole system.
  3. Fully embracing coaching accelerates the time frame of getting the benefits
    Matt found that the more resistant he was to his coach’s advice, the longer the time frame of getting results became. Fully committing means we get to the results faster.

When it comes to the time it takes to get the results we want from coaching, we have a lot more control than what we think. The more we resist the process or cherry-pick the tools, the longer it takes for us to see results and experience the impact of good counsel. If you become more familiar with your business, track your numbers, and bring your people along for the journey, you will gain control and peace of mind. It’s a long-term change, but a sustainable one. Anything that changes suddenly and dramatically isn’t stable. A long-term play might not give you an explosion of results instantly, but it will give you reliable results for years to come.