Leverage: Building Relationships and Improving Lead Generation


Dennis Jones

Agent, Lafayette, LA

About The Episode

Sometimes the gap between where we are and where we want to be comes down to accountability. What business struggles did our guest have before investing in coaching? What systems did he use to solve the issues in his business? How has he grown as a person through this process? On this episode, Dennis Jones, a real estate agent in Lafayette, LA, shares how he went from working by chance to working by systems, leverage, and intention.

“I realized that I could only do so much with my natural ability before I hit a ceiling. I needed someone to help me take it to the next level through accountability.”– Dennis Jones

Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  1. A strong business isn’t just strong in one area
    Before coaching, all Dennis had going in his business was lead generation. He lacked systems, and everything else in his business happened by chance. This meant he hit a ceiling quickly.
  2. The big mindset shift Dennis experienced
    When Dennis first considered coaching he asked himself “Why would anyone pay a coach a $1,000 a month?” After seeing the benefits of coaching and the return on investment, that question shifted to, “Why would anyone not pay a coach $1,000 a month?”
  3. The transformation brought about by systems
    Being able to leverage has been the most powerful shift in Dennis’s business. It has allowed him to work “on” his business and not just “in” his business. He has already closed 13 more deals than last year, and he has even managed to travel more than he’s ever been able to before.

The biggest change we can make in our lives is our mindset. When we have limiting beliefs, like Dennis did about coaching, it’s hard for the systems and tools to really take hold and work. Considering that every successful person has invested in systems, models and coaching, it’s clear how powerful they can be in taking us to the next level. A successful business isn’t just about leads; it’s about leverage and systems.