Lead Generation: From $3M to Almost $10M Without Working Nights and Weekends


Sheri Pettus

Agent, Atlanta, GA
Went from selling $3M in volume to $9.4M in just 1 year

About The Episode

Many of us have what today’s guest calls a “drunk monkey”— that voice in our head that holds us back from trying and pushing through obstacles, especially when it comes to lead generating. What mindset models can help us ignore this voice? What models and systems did our guest use to catapult her real estate business forward? How did having a coach help her through a challenging time? On this episode, Sheri Pettus, a real estate agent in Atlanta, GA, joins us to share her inspirational story of growth, faith, and prioritizing lead generation.

Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  1. The epiphany that led Sheri to get into coaching
    Before coaching, Sheri thought she’d never be willing to pay someone $1,000 to talk to for 30 minutes once a week. Then she looked around and saw that the people who were selling more homes and making more money were the people getting coaching.
  2. The power of putting lead generation into your daily life
    Sheri’s policy is that she lead generates outside of the office by starting conversations intentionally and finding a way to connect to people. On one occasion, she decided to push through all her doubts and went up to a couple to talk with them. That couple ended up closing on a house— cash— in 3 weeks!
  3. The opportunities Sheri sees ahead
    Sheri’s aunt was the one who inspired her to get into real estate. When the market crashed, her aunt went back into teaching. She was worried about how Sheri would be able to survive, but Sheri explained to her aunt that Keller Williams is a company that offers so many opportunities beyond selling houses. She can be a team leader, an ALC, and even a coach. The possibilities are endless.

Sheri’s story is really about how she grew her self-confidence and strength as she continues to develop as an entrepreneur. The journey hasn’t always been easy. After years of wanting out of her marriage, it was only after coaching and progress in her business that she had the mental strength and financial stability to separate. It was a harrowing time, and having a coach was powerful in helping her get through it. It’s a strong reminder that having the right support structures around us can help us get through hard times, and set ourselves up for a successful future.