GPS Model: Changing Your Skill Set & Mindset to Build a Culture of Success


Lance Loken

Houston, TX
4 Years in Business and Making XXX

About The Episode

Real estate agents can be prone to “shiny object syndrome”, and they often give up after facing a crisis. Why is it so important to focus on what matters? What are the key things that make success inevitable? Why should people come first? On this episode, Lance Loken talks about how his team got through a hurricane and continued building on their successes while putting the people first.

“By collaborating with each other and getting buy in from everybody, we accomplish our goals as a team or as an organization, instead of me telling people what to do.”
-Lance Loken

Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  1. Don’t dictate. Collaborate.When a team leader chooses to collaborate and gets buy-in from the whole team, people won’t feel like they are simply being given commands. They will naturally want to work towards the common goal of the team.
  2. It’s all about people.People are the be-all and end-all of real estate. Your clients and team members matter, and your success is impossible without them. Learn to focus on working with people, understanding what they need, and providing a better service as an agent and leader.
  3. Wisdom and good leadership always trickles down.There’s a trickle-down effect of wisdom that happens in a strong organization. When the message is consistent, people start teaching what they learn from the masters to the people they lead.

A lot of us concentrate on numbers and how much we’re closing, but that shouldn’t be the first thing we care about. Learn to focus on doing the fundamental, necessary activities at a high level. When you do that, the results will follow.