From Success to Significance: How Coaching Helped Chris Suarez Skill Up & Level Up


Chris Suarez

Real Estate Consultant, Portland, OR
4 Years in Business and Making XXX

About The Episode

Leverage is something a lot of agents are never taught or trained on. What do you do when your business is stressing you out and overwhelming you? Why did Chris Suarez invest in MAPS coaching? How did he implement the 80-20 rule, and how did it help him grow his business and develop his mindset? On this episode, Chris Suarez shares his journey from merely working a job to having a vision, and how that impacted his business.

Three Things We Learned from this Episode

  1. Think leverage; not adding more to your schedule.When you think you have a time management issue, reframe what you think the problem is. Take the time to really drill down to underlying issues in the business. It’s not about cramming more into your day, it’s about putting leverage and systems in place.
  2. Don’t let opinion breed egoIf you’re going to believe that a model can take you somewhere, and you believe in a system that has been proven to be successful, you have to let go of opinion. Opinion tends to lead to ego and even if you’ve been successful on your own, you have to be able to allow someone else to help you be successful in a different way.
  3. Success has to be defined internallyIt’s easy to tell yourself that you want to focus on being successful by imitating a successful person, but you have to consider what success looks like to you. Take the time to define success on your own terms so that you build a life that resonates with you.

For the most part, what we think to be a “time management” issue is usually a “leverage and people management” issue. Having very clear systems and models in place will solve this for you because they are duplicatable, leverageable, and expandable. If you feel like there’s more work to do than time, take a step back and try to spend a little time outside of the world that you call your business. It will help you get clear on what you really want for your life.

Guest Bio

Chris Suarez is one of Portland’s top producing Real Estate Consultants. He combines his New York style of marketing and negotiation skill with the unique neighborhood feel of Portland, OR. Suarez founded PDX Property Group at Keller Williams Realty to combine a unique blend of luxury customer service, high class marketing, top level negotiation tactics, and an intense knowledge and interpretation of the local real estate market. His high-energy focus on results and commitment to delivering concierge level customer service has allowed him to consistently rank among the top real estate producers in the city, region, and country. Go to for more info.