Four Conversations: Developing Winning Habits & Gaining Freedom Through Discipline


Luc Lachance

Agent, Gatineau, QC
Increased GCI from $56K to $209K in 1 year

About The Episode

Winning is a habit, and so is losing. How do you get into the habit of thinking winning thoughts and following through with winning activities? Why are so many people resistant to investing in themselves? Why is there so much freedom in discipline? On this episode, Luc Lachance shares his journey to success, which includes overcoming a near-fatal medical condition and building a business with a coach from the ground up.

The coaching helped me build the self with the skills, knowledge, personality and vision to be myself. -Luc Lachance

Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  1. If there’s a formula for success, use it to your benefit
    When Luc got into the business, he knew that someone, somewhere, already knew how to achieve what he wanted to achieve. He realized that rather than reinventing the wheel, he just needed to do what was already working for other people.
  2. How 4 Conversations Helped Luc
    Four conversations was a way for Luc to clarify the industry and the business. It brought it to the simplest model and made sure he didn’t lose time on what was important. This allowed him to have time for his family and for investing in self-development, all while building a solid business.
  3. There’s actually no freedom in a lack of structure
    Most people think that true freedom is having flexibility, but true freedom is actually found in discipline and structure. When we learn this, we realize how to put our best foot forward at work and enjoy our downtime without guilt.

There’s a huge difference between knowing and doing. Participation is the first step to doing. You have to be active in the pursuit of your goals so that your mindset and behavior make winning inevitable. We need to have a vision first, and then a business plan. We then surround ourselves with the right people, communicate our plans to people around us, track the numbers and then evaluate and adjust if necessary. This is the recipe for not just fighting for success, but actually winning.