Career Visioning: Elevating Your Business Through Hired Talent


Matt Perry

Agent, Raleigh, NC
Went from $10M to $35M in sales volume in just 1 year

About The Episode

In real estate, we have systems in our businesses for transactions, but no systems for hiring talent. How does this put us at risk of hiring the wrong people? How did our guest go about building a strong hiring and training system? Why is leverage such a key element of a well-run business? On this episode, Matt Perry talks about implementing the Career Visioning model and elevating his team.

That leverage piece was the biggest catapult for my business and for what I’ve been able to do. – Matt Perry

Three Things We Learned from this Episode

  1. The skills of hiring don’t come naturally to a lot of real estate agents
    Real estate professionals don’t have HR training, so we tend to see the good in everyone. This gets in the way of who we hire, and can lead to hiring the wrong people or hiring out of necessity.
  2. A business won’t grow or succeed without the effort of strong talent
    No one succeeds on their own. You have to bring on talent to take tasks off your hands so you can actually grow.
  3. Strategic hiring breeds order and structure
    When you get to the level of leveraging people and hiring strategically with long term goals in mind, you’ll be able to better define roles and lead people properly. At this point, you’ll be running a high-level business and living by a plan.

Hiring someone is an important process, and we should avoid rushing into it. It’s critical to be strategic about hiring and bringing leverage into your business because it can greatly affect how & when you reach your goals.

Guest Bio

After graduating Magna Cum Laude from North Carolina State University, Matt taught high school mathematics and then transitioned into the real estate business. After a successful sales career with a local builder, Matt branched out and started his own team at Keller Williams Realty. He truly enjoys enhancing people’s lives through assisting them with their real estate needs.