Career Visioning: How Adam Built a Mega Business with 215 Agents


Adam Hergenrother

Burlington, VT
Last year, Adam and his team sold just over 1,000 units. This year, they are projected to end at 1500 units for a GCI of $10 million dollars.

About The Episode

Success is hard to achieve without building our life around mindsets, systems, and actions to create it. What are the key factors that lead to success, and how do we intentionally put them into our lives? How can you use Career Visioning to attract, hire, and lead people to collective and individual success? How do we engineer our success psychology? On this episode, Adam Hergenrother, the Founder and CEO of Adam Hergenrother Companies and the OP of a KW Market Centre in Burlington, VT, shares how he turned the trajectory of his life around, and how he runs his successful real estate business.

“I approach this as a sport and an opportunity to gain as much as I can from the experiences that are out there.” – Adam Hergenrother

Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  1. The valuable life lesson Adam learned as a teenager
    When Adam was younger, he realized he wasn’t living the life he wanted. In that moment, he came to understand that when we don’t like something in our lives, we can either accept it or do something to change it. The same applies in a shifting market. We can either give up and expect ourselves to fail, or we can prepare our business to actually grow through the shift.
  2. How Adam defines wisdom
    Adam describes wisdom as applying an idea or concept before you’ve had the “conscious contact and visceral feeling of it”. Once you’ve got experience, it’s no longer wisdom— it’s just doing what works. If we’re wise, we have the ability to take someone else’s model or system and apply it in our lives, even before we’ve had proven success with it.
  3. The model that can help a new agent get predictable results
    Follow the “one appointment a day” model. If you want predictability of cash flow in your life, you have to get predictability of appointments first. If you focus on the intention of one appointment a day, you won’t experience the ups and downs so many new agents go through.

Business is nothing but our conduit for personal growth. The more we improve ourselves, the more we increase the potential for our business. Success isn’t something that just shows up or lands in our lap. We have to actively pursue it by following the models that work and attract it by becoming the versions of ourselves who can achieve our dreams.