Career Growth Initiative: Achieving Peace of Mind Through Proven Models & Leverage


Brad Gilboe

Agent, Burbank, CA
Increased GCI from $381K to $632K in 1 year

About The Episode

Focusing on learning all the steps needed to build a successful business can be paralyzing. How can we give ourselves peace of mind and move toward our goals methodically? What were the big “a-ha” moments that led to our guest discovering and following his path to success? How do we achieve clarity? On this episode, Brad Gilboe, a real estate agent in Burbank, CA, shares how he overcame his lack of confidence early on in his real estate journey and talks about the systems he used to solve the problems of his business.

If you go through BOLD, you will see positive and significant improvements in your life and your business if you play all in. -Brad Gilboe

Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  1. When we offer value, selling become unnecessary
    One of the main benefits Brad got out of BOLD was removing the limiting belief that he needed to be salesy. He learned that he just needs to help people, and offer the level of service he didn’t get when he bought his own house.
  2. Our lack of clarity usually goes back to not tracking our actions
    Brad always felt like the biggest issue he had in his business was a lack of clarity and not knowing which step to take next. He ultimately realized that tracking his numbers was all he needed to do to maintain focus and a clear path.
  3. Know the best next step
    We don’t always need to know the next 50 steps in our business to know how to succeed. If the tools and models exist, all we need to do is focus on the next step. The system and the work we put into it will do the rest for us.

Many business owners spend a lot of time worrying and overthinking about what to do next, where to get the next deal, and how to make enough money to keep going. When you have the right tools and models at your disposal, this gives you peace of mind because you know that everything is handled as long as you follow the system. By having a repeatable and duplicatable process, you can scale up with predictable results.