Leverage: Building for the Future and Improving Yourself Every Day


Aubrey Hutchison

Agent, Helena, MT
Increased GCI from $220K to $404K in 2 years

About The Episode

A lot of people are afraid to get into real estate because they think they’ll have to be 24-hour agents. How does leverage give you both time and financial freedom? How do you assemble your dream team, and prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed or desperate? How can you grow and get better everyday? On this episode, Aubrey Hutchison shares how Leverage and Career Visioning helped her grow and become #1 in her MLS.

“You can be a real estate agent without working 24-hour days.”
-Aubrey Hutchison

Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  1. Have a goal for contacts
    It’s important to have some sort of appointment goal for you and your agents. It doesn’t have to be a high number, and the appointment can be as simple as a coffee meeting. This way, people are always out there and making some sort of contact.
  2. Hire with the future in mind, not just for immediate needs
    When you’re overwhelmed, you may be tempted to hire out of desperation. To solve this you might have to scale down before you scale up. Give yourself the time to invest in career visioning and to hire the right person.
  3. Learn from your mistakes
    When you make mistakes or stumble, look at what you learned and how you can use it to get better. Don’t let it knock you down– let it inspire you to improve.

There’s a huge difference between running a real estate business and just selling real estate. Put time into implementing systems and leverage, rather than trying to run your business on the fly. If you want to get better, you have to invest in learning. Be willing to improve and have leverage in your business and your life.