Career Visioning: Building a Purpose-Driven Career Through Systems and Hired Talent


Alan Cottrell

Agent, Maryville, TN
Increased GCI from $6K to $242K in less than 1 year

About The Episode

For a lot of people, the idea of starting in real estate after a long previous career seems daunting. How can you help yourself start off strong? What does it take to level up, become a business owner, and stop living from closing to closing? How should you go about hiring your talent? On this episode, Alan Cottrell talks about joining real estate at age 50 and finding massive success, thanks to models like Career Visioning, and living a purpose-fueled life.

“It’s not about the transaction or the sign in the yard. It’s about living with purpose and positivity. When you do that, the business comes to you.” -Alan Cottrell

Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  1. Scripts give you the opportunity to be an expert
    Scripts can become part of your DNA. Even if they are old, your brain can adjust them to your verbiage, your personality, and the person you’re talking to. They ensure that you’re not caught off-guard, you speak with confidence, and you’re ready for questions and objections. You get to use the expertise of other people to your advantage.
  2. Hire the right kind of talent
    Hire capacity talent. You want people who will grow to the level of the opportunity and expand as your team expands. This kind of talent will also raise your standards as a leader, so it will benefit you too. It’s important to hire talent and leverage it correctly so you have more opportunities.
  3. Lean into the systems
    Don’t focus on how you can reinvent the wheel. Focus on the opportunities and the systems.
    The models are already in place, and they are proven. If you follow them, they will work for you.

When you switch careers to real estate, it’s natural to worry that you got into it too late. The truth is, if you seek the right guidance you’ll be working with years of expertise behind you. It’s also about having a purpose behind what you do. This will fuel you and allow you to overcome the challenges. When you’re living purposefully, you’re not dependent on the market to be successful. You’ll become an expert and be able to survive and succeed whether the market is up or down.