4-1-1 Model: Shifting Your Focus Towards Allocating Time to Scale your Business


Lindsey Bartley

Agent, Lubbock, TX
Increased GCI from $352K to $804K in 1 year

About The Episode

A lot of agents make the mistake of hiring people without being strategic about it. Why is it so important to hire with your end goal in mind? How can you increase the success rate of new team members? Why do you sometimes have to take a step back in your business to be propelled forward? On this episode, Lindsey Bartley shares on building the right foundation into her hiring.

“The 411 has really been a game changer by helping me focus my time and energy toward my goals.” -Lindsey Bartley

Three Things We Learned from this Episode

  1. Make the right investment
    We have to be very careful about what, and who, we invest in. Rushing too quickly into a new hire can cost you more money and time in the end. Instead, focus on finding the right system. It can help ensure that you have a reliable, sustainable process in place as your team and business grow.
  2. Surrender to the System
    Sometimes we waste too much time overthinking and trying to be creative on the wrong thing. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. If there is a system that works, surrender to it.  Do the work, and watch the results roll in.
  3. Hire with the end in mind
    Don’t just hire people to fill a gap you have in your business right now. You have to hire with the future in mind, and look for people who are at the level you wish to reach.

Dysfunctional businesses share similar traits. If you see them in your business, you have to be willing to go back and restructure the business the right way. Hiring is one of the fundamentals of a strong business, so you can’t just wing it. Avoid hiring to quickly patch holes in your business. Invest in people who will help raise the standards of your business. This is how you’ll start seeing real growth and ROI.