411 Model: How Coaching Helped Increase Her Volume by Nearly 300% in One Year


Kate Conroy

Tampa, FL
Kate jumped from selling 32 to 63 homes in just one year!

About The Episode

Our real estate careers can help us to define our purpose and serve as a vehicle for our legacy. Having the right guidance brings us closer to that. How does coaching help us stay focused and on target, and how does it boost the tools and routines we already have in place? Why is it so important to do work that energizes us mentally and emotionally? On this episode, Kate Conroy, a real estate agent in Tampa, FL, shares the role that coaching played in her journey from $4.8 million to $17.7 million in volume.

“The real estate world has hundreds of directions, but I want to live a life by design and use systems that I know have been proven.” – Kate Conroy

Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  1. How Career Visioning revealed Kate’s potential
    When Kate initially applied for a real estate job, she wasn’t able to move forward without a real estate license. The good leadership at her team that she was on could sense her potential, and Career Visioning allowed them to see something in her that she hadn’t seen in herself yet. As a result, she moved forward with setting her journey into motion.
  2. How Kate systematized inspiration
    At the beginning of each week, Kate uses the Kelle app for inspiration through the coming days. She selects a BOLD law and a quote, and then she puts that into an email to her coach and rainmaker. She lives that quote each week, and it makes an impact on her actions.
  3. Why coaching saves us from shiny object syndrome
    There are so many tools, tactics and toys we can easily get distracted by. Kate’s coach takes the systems she chooses to implement and guides her so that she doesn’t lose her focus.

Every system and model represents a proven path many people have walked on and found success with. That means we’re being guided to our goals, and not left to figure it out on our own. The benefit of coaching is that it adds more light to that path, and allows us to have accountability, which helps us get there faster. As an agent, ask yourself, “What is my promise to my clients?” and make sure you’re fulfilling that promise at all times.