4-1-1 Model: Achieving Success through Accountability


Mark Anderson

Agent, Spokane, WA
Increased his GCI from $21M to $35.1M

About The Episode

A lot of Realtors pick and choose parts of a model to implement, only to be surprised when it doesn’t work out. What is the most effective way to actually make sure the model works for you the way it has for other people? Why is accountability such a big part of success? How does working with others actually get you to your goals faster? On this episode, Mark Anderson talked about how finding freedom, confidence and accountability helped him grow his business.

“I realized I have to offer more than just leads to my team.”
-Mark Anderson

Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  1. Cherry-picking a system only leads to disappointment
    When you learn a system and a model, don’t forget that it worked because the person followed all the steps rather than avoiding a part they didn’t like. This is how you should approach it, too. Similar to baking, doing things in the wrong order or skipping a step will not get you to the desired result.
  2. Accountability encourages people to improve way more than letting things slide
    When you don’t hold people accountable and let things slide, you’re not helping them. You’re prolonging their growth to reach their full potential.
  3. Doing it on your own isn’t the best strategy for success
    A lot of people think entrepreneurship means doing things on your own and not taking advice or help from anyone. However, working with others can generate the accountability you need to help you grow. You’ve got to be willing to humble yourself and be open to it.

People are afraid to be held accountable because they want to figure things out alone. The problem is that this limits progress and delays success. Ultimately, it’s through combined effort with other people that we truly see our dreams achieved. Success leaves clues, so talk to the people that are doing what you want to do, and get someone to hold you accountable so you can be your best.