4-1-1 Model: From Entrepreneur to Purposeful Business Owner


Michelle Knobloch

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4 Years in Business and Making XXX

About The Episode

A business with no systems suffers problems like inconsistency and stress on the leader’s part. How do you get off that roller coaster and build a business that is actually stable? How can you build leverage into your life? How do you work on your systems at a higher level? On this episode, Michelle Knobloch shares how much she grew through the process of having a coach.

I feel as if I became much better at working towards mastering myself. -Michelle Knobloch

Three Things We Learned from this Episode

  1. Know your numbersTracking your own numbers helps you know where to invest so you aren’t just throwing money at a dart board with your eyes closed.
  2. Come from a place of contributionIf you make everything about yourself, you’ll never be able to really add value to people. Make sure you lead with contribution and being a trusted advisor who wants to make a difference in their life.
  3. Giving back to your community pays offClient appreciation events are a great way to thank the people you’ve worked with, and they are a powerful way to get more visibility in your market. If you focus on them you’ll actually see them expand and grow your market share.

The decision of getting a coach can be scary, and you can find yourself questioning whether you really need it or if you can afford it. There are so many areas of your business and your life that will feel the impact of a coach. Uncomfortable, yet steady, growth will become a part of your daily life. What you get in the end is more consistency, better systems, a clearer vision and a dynamic life for yourself and your agents.