2-10-40 Model: How Moving from E to P and Leveraging Time Grew His Business by 75%


Brandon Scott

Agent, Katy, TX

About The Episode

When we seem to have hit a ceiling of achievement, we have to look for a community that helps us get to the next level. Why is it so important to find a place where we can learn, grow, and share? What systems and models led to a massive growth in business for our guest? What can he do now that he couldn’t before? On this episode Brandon Scott, a Realtor in Katy, TX, explains how he went from worrying about money to living in abundance, and shares what helped him get there.

It may not happen every day or every week, but getting out there and doing the work will bring the results. -Brandon Scott

Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  1. How the CGI calculator helped Brandon meet his goals
    CGI calculator is a very simple tool that allows Brandon to figure out how many appointments he needs to set to meet his goals. It’s a way for him to reverse engineer what he needs to get done in his business, and it has been very effective for his team. This year, he met his goals early and CGI allowed him to go back and adjust goals.
  2. Fitness coaches get results for their clients, and the same applies to business
    What inspired Brandon to get a coach was an epiphany he had after seeing the results he got from joining a gym and getting a trainer. That success in his personal life helped him realize that getting a coach for his business would also have a significant impact.
  3. Sometimes you just have to find the right mentor
    Brandon has learned that there’s nothing wrong in getting a new coach if the one you have isn’t the best fit for both of you. He still learned a lot from his first coach, and the experience gave him a clearer sense of what he needed for his business.

It’s so tempting to try making it alone in business, testing new ideas and just hoping something will work. However, there’s so much power and freedom in plugging into the tools and training of people who have been there before. With the right people and the right models you surpass your growth ceiling, and gain clear purpose in your business.