1-3-5 Model: How “Plug & Play” Systems Provide Clarity and Enhance Your Business


Jose Medina

Operating Principle, Canton, OH
GCI increased from $2.2M to $2.7M in 2 years

About The Episode

Success in business is impossible without a good road map. What does it take to transform from Realtor to business owner? Why do some people resist having a plan? How do models enhance your business? On this episode, Jose Medina shares how he gained clarity for the path of his business, and how he experienced tremendous growth as a result.

Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  1. Follow the lessons others have learnedThere are people who have gone before you and done what you’re doing at a very high level. That means we don’t have to figure things out on our own. There are people to learn from, and they are open to sharing.
  2. Hire with a purpose
    When you have a good system for hiring, you learn to be more intentional about the people you bring on your team. You’ll stop hiring anyone who just wants a job and start hiring to actually help your business.
  3. Running systems requires you to think differently
    When you’re running models in your business, you have to learn to think big and plan ahead of where you are.

A business is repeatable action. That’s why systems are so necessary. If we go without a roadmap, it’s easy to get lost or stuck. By following the systems based on the successful people before us, we avoid a lot of the difficulties. This allows us to see growth and reach our business goals a lot sooner than we would by ourselves.