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Scripts & Affirmations: Playing All In & Being “People Smart”

To become a successful agent, we have to be intentional about cultivating positivity and confidence— but this doesn’t always come easily. What can we do to overcome our negative self-talk and replace it with the right way of talking to ourselves? Why do we struggle with scripts in the beginning, and how can we make […]

Morgan Neill

28 min

career visioning

Career Visioning: How Adam Built a Mega Business with 215 Agents

Success is hard to achieve without building our life around mindsets, systems, and actions to create it. What are the key factors that lead to success, and how do we intentionally put them into our lives? How can you use Career Visioning to attract, hire, and lead people to collective and individual success? How do […]

Adam Hergenrother

35 min


Leverage: The Power of Coaching & Collaborative Thinking

When it comes to investing in our education, the attitude we carry makes all the difference. What is the right mindset to have towards coaching? How do we break through the fear and overcome the things that hold us back? How do we dial-in our finances during a market shift? On this episode, David McEachern, […]

David McEachern

37 min

career visioning

411 Model: How Coaching Helped Increase Her Volume by Nearly 300% in One Year

Our real estate careers can help us to define our purpose and serve as a vehicle for our legacy. Having the right guidance brings us closer to that. How does coaching help us stay focused and on target, and how does it boost the tools and routines we already have in place? Why is it […]

Kate Conroy

28 min

Time Blocking

Time Blocking: Running Her Business From “Blood & Guts” to “Ease & Elegance”

Getting 223 closings as a buyer’s agent with two showing assistants is an amazing feat, and it takes a lot of hard work to get there. How did our guest go from “stressed-out and spread thin”, to leveraged and in-control? Why is she so driven to help other people succeed? Why does she believe in […]

Jen Davis

30 min


Leverage: Building an Interdependent Organization, Engineering Adversity & Growing as a Leader

Good leadership is knowing that emotion is just as important as logic. What is the connection between confidence, competence and vulnerability? How do we make sure our organization actually gets better from mistakes? Why is engineering adversity into our lives so powerful? On this episode, Jake Dreyfuss, a real estate agent & CEO in Philadelphia, […]

Jake Dreyfuss

45 min

Lead Generation

Lead Generation: From $3M to Almost $10M Without Working Nights and Weekends

Many of us have what today’s guest calls a “drunk monkey”— that voice in our head that holds us back from trying and pushing through obstacles, especially when it comes to lead generating. What mindset models can help us ignore this voice? What models and systems did our guest use to catapult her real estate […]

Sheri Pettus

40 min


Leverage: Building Relationships and Improving Lead Generation

Sometimes the gap between where we are and where we want to be comes down to accountability. What business struggles did our guest have before investing in coaching? What systems did he use to solve the issues in his business? How has he grown as a person through this process? On this episode, Dennis Jones, […]

Dennis Jones

29 min

Systems and Models

Four Conversations: Developing Winning Habits & Gaining Freedom Through Discipline

Winning is a habit, and so is losing. How do you get into the habit of thinking winning thoughts and following through with winning activities? Why are so many people resistant to investing in themselves? Why is there so much freedom in discipline? On this episode, Luc Lachance shares his journey to success, which includes […]

Luc Lachance

51 min

Systems and Models

36-Touch: How Growing Her Vision Increased Her Business by More than 50% Year After Year

Growing our vision is a big part of what allows us to grow our business. How did coaching expand the vision of our guest? What are the systems she implemented in her business? What can she do now that she couldn’t do before? On this episode Kacie Kinney, a real estate agent in Oklahoma City, […]

Kacie Kinney

40 min

Career Growth Initiative

2-10-40 Model: How Moving from E to P and Leveraging Time Grew His Business by 75%

When we seem to have hit a ceiling of achievement, we have to look for a community that helps us get to the next level. Why is it so important to find a place where we can learn, grow, and share? What systems and models led to a massive growth in business for our guest? […]

Brandon Scott

23 min


Time Blocking: Taking Ownership of your Schedule to Revolutionize Your Business

Sometimes we don’t realize how much we need help until life throws us a curveball. What made our guest come to the realization that she needed coaching? Why was her schedule such a huge part of how she was able to shift her business? How do we miss opportunities when we don’t track our numbers? […]

Julie Abel

22 min

Systems and Models

Career Growth Initiative: Achieving Peace of Mind Through Proven Models & Leverage

Focusing on learning all the steps needed to build a successful business can be paralyzing. How can we give ourselves peace of mind and move toward our goals methodically? What were the big “a-ha” moments that led to our guest discovering and following his path to success? How do we achieve clarity? On this episode, […]

Brad Gilboe

46 min

Time Blocking

Time Blocking: Increasing Productivity with the Right Model & Doubling Income in 1 Year

A well-designed schedule is one of the fundamentals of a successful real estate career. Why is time blocking an important component that we need to build into our day? How did the changes to our guest’s activities impact her income? How do you overcome the moments of fear and doubt? On this episode, Shareika Cook, a […]

Shareika Cook

25 min


Leverage: Gaining Confidence and Freedom by Knowing Your Business

Many of us lose out in business because we expect instant gratification with coaching. What helps determine the speed of our results? What are some of the key concepts that coaching introduced to our guest’s life and business? What are some of the failures we can learn from? On this episode, Matt Patterson, a real […]

Matt Patterson

38 min

Goal Setting

4-1-1 Model: How Coaching Helped Increase His Volume by 336% in 12 months

Without consistency, it’s hard to get to the next level and stay there. Why is it so important to lay out your goals and know where your business is going to come from? How can consequences move you closer to your goals? How can we be both students and teachers? On this episode, Tony Baroni […]

Tony Baroni

47 min

Systems and Models

The Four Conversations: Staying Consistent & Creating a Successful Career Through the Right Opportunities

In order to build something significant, we’ve got to do the basics first. What is necessary to get us on the right trajectory and set us apart? How does tracking our numbers help our business? On this episode, Lance Welch shares his story and the systems that helped him build a “life worth living” business. […]

Lance Welch

27 Minutes


4-1-1 Model: Achieving Success through Accountability

A lot of Realtors pick and choose parts of a model to implement, only to be surprised when it doesn’t work out. What is the most effective way to actually make sure the model works for you the way it has for other people? Why is accountability such a big part of success? How does […]

Mark Anderson

38 Minutes

Social Media

4-1-1 Model: The Shift from Working 24/7 to Living a Life by Design

A lot of real estate agents fail to see how it’s possible to work less while earning more. What can you implement to make this happen for you? How can social media help you? How can you service your clients at a higher level? On this episode, Jessica Starr shares the challenges she’s had to […]

Jessica Starr

38 Minutes

Systems and Models

Leverage: Learning from Mistakes and Transforming Your Life Through Business Growth

When starting out, it can be hard to find your confidence. What does it take to break through the self-doubt and find your footing? Why are systems and models so critical to growth in business? What should your attitude be towards failure? On this episode, Andrea Beem shares how she leveled up from Realtor to […]

Andrea Beem

43 Minutes

Systems and Models

1-3-5 Model: How “Plug & Play” Systems Provide Clarity and Enhance Your Business

Success in business is impossible without a good road map. What does it take to transform from Realtor to business owner? Why do some people resist having a plan? How do models enhance your business? On this episode, Jose Medina shares how he gained clarity for the path of his business, and how he experienced […]

Jose Medina

31 Minutes


Leverage: Building for the Future and Improving Yourself Every Day

A lot of people are afraid to get into real estate because they think they’ll have to be 24-hour agents. How does leverage give you both time and financial freedom? How do you assemble your dream team, and prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed or desperate? How can you grow and get better everyday? On this […]

Aubrey Hutchison

36 Minutes

Systems and Models

36-Touch: Achieving Growth Through the Right Coaching and Systems

Sometimes we find ourselves slowing down in our business when we’re not sure about where we’re going. Why are systems and models a key part of solving this problem and getting you back into action? How do you avoid hitting a ceiling in your progress? What do you do everyday to improve yourself? On this […]

Len Stone

40 Minutes


36-Touch: Doubling Your Volume Through Tracking and a Clear Purpose

A lot of agents lack a clear vision of where they are going and who they need to be. Why is it so important to work on facilitating the goal beyond just creating it? What does it take to go from being stressed out to actually enjoying your business? On this episode, Jeff Ristine talks […]

Jeff Ristine

35 Minutes

Systems and Models

Lead Generation Model: Increasing GCI Through Dedicated Systems

Most solo agents have no business stability because they have no predictable systems. On top of this, they often have to start and stop their operations when life gets in the way. How can you go about liberating yourself from this trap? How do you shift from hearing only your own ideas to actually listening […]

Erik Taniguchi

31 Minutes


Scaling Up Systematically & Tripling in Volume

A lot of agents make the mistake of instantly hiring a new team member without thinking about the system they will work in. Why does this put you at risk of bad hires? How can you bring systems into your recruiting strategy? How do you make sure partnering up is a win-win for both sides? […]

Anthony Manzon

46 Minutes


GPS Model: Changing Your Skill Set & Mindset to Build a Culture of Success

Real estate agents can be prone to “shiny object syndrome”, and they often give up after facing a crisis. Why is it so important to focus on what matters? What are the key things that make success inevitable? Why should people come first? On this episode, Lance Loken talks about how his team got through […]

Lance Loken

38 Minutes


Career Visioning: Building a Purpose-Driven Career Through Systems and Hired Talent

For a lot of people, the idea of starting in real estate after a long previous career seems daunting. How can you help yourself start off strong? What does it take to level up, become a business owner, and stop living from closing to closing? How should you go about hiring your talent? On this […]

Alan Cottrell

33 Minutes


Leverage: Growing Your Team and Production, Even Despite a Difficult Setback

A lot of people in real estate work hard for very little money. Why is leverage such an important part of building a solid real estate business? How do real estate fundamentals like lead generation and scripts lead to strong results? How does hiring the right talent allow you to buy back your time? On this […]

Andy Hannigan

40 Minutes


4-1-1 Model: Shifting Your Focus Towards Allocating Time to Scale your Business

A lot of agents make the mistake of hiring people without being strategic about it. Why is it so important to hire with your end goal in mind? How can you increase the success rate of new team members? Why do you sometimes have to take a step back in your business to be propelled […]

Lindsey Bartley

27 Minutes