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Whatever you’re looking to achieve, the MAPS Mastery Coaching Program will get you there.

Designed for Keller Williams’ top-performing agents and Market Center Leadership. Mastery gives clients access to the best coaches in the business. Offering expert-level strategies, exclusive privileges, and a completely personalized coaching experience. MAPS Mastery Coaching will elevate your business to its highest potential.

Supported by established real-estate business models developed from researching top-performers across the industry. Mastery Coaching transforms clients’ mindset and business. It teaches them to think a million, earn a million, net a million, receive a million, and one day, give a million.

Clients who join Mastery believe in themselves and their business. They are on the path to the top of the industry. No excuses, no doubts – they have a dream, a goal, and a path to achieve it.

If you’re ready to remove barriers and tap into your true potential, it’s time to join Mastery today.

No other coaching program is able to offer the unique benefits and resources that Mastery can.

For $1000/month, you receive 42 Coaching Calls per year (plus Holiday Group Calls) with your hand-picked MAPS Coach. You also have access to exclusive perks and privileges only reserved for Keller Williams’ MAPS Mastery members.

Complimentary Event Tickets

  • Family Reunion
  • Spring Masterminds
  • Mega Camp
  • Fall Masterminds

Membership Discounts

Enjoy exclusive Mastery discounts on select MAPS Fast Track Coaching Programs, KW Franchise Systems Orientation, and more!

Exclusive Mastery Client Experiences

  • Exclusive Networking Events
  • Mastery Lounge Access
  • VIP General Session Seating
  • And more!
  • Transferrable Event Tickets

Curated for Market Center Leadership and high-performing Keller Williams agents who are looking to be at the top of the real estate industry. In order to join Mastery as an agent, you must qualify by having a GCI that is $150,000 or higher.

Mastery is solutions-based coaching for agents and leaders who want an in-depth look at their business. Your coach can help you identify any areas for development, gaps in skills, or continued ineffective habits that are keeping you from achieving your goals.

Through your 42 Coaching Calls per year (plus Holiday Group Calls), you’ll implement strategies that are uniquely tailored to your business. We believe in supporting our clients in achieving the best results in the least amount of time, so that you can focus on what truly matters.

Experience the difference your accountability coach can make with supportive, in-depth solutions designed to maximize your returns.

Mastery Coaching Overview

Who Qualifies

Agents with GCI over $150K, MC Leadership


$1000 per month



Time Commitment


Mastery Coaching, for Your Unique Needs


For high-performing KW Agents who are looking to be at the top of the real estate industry.

To join Mastery, you must qualify by having a GCI that is $150,000 or higher.

Mastery Coaching offers a personalized experience, elite privileges, exclusivity, and high accountability.


For high-performing KW Leadership looking to increase market center profit and agent retention.

Grow your office and lead your agents to productivity as you develop as a leader.

Mastery Coaching offers a personalized experience, elite privileges, exclusivity, and high accountability.


Work with a coach to identify what might be interfering with your performance and growth.

Address those challenges, and live in alignment with your commitments.

Agents qualify by having a GCI that is $150,000 or higher. For KW Market Center Leadership of all levels.


Mastery Testimonials

“Bridget brought us from 15k in sales to over 40 million. We do it with less time and we’re happy when we get home. To become a MAPS Client would be a no-brainer.”

Donald Kracke

Mastery Testimonials

“My experience has been phenomenal. I’m able to avoid the pitfalls and speedbumps of the business. My coach helps me grow my business with numbers I never imagined I would be able to do.”

Deante’ Thomas

Mastery Testimonials

“Being a MAPS Client has 100% changed the trajectory of my career and really my life. I went from having a job to really finding a career with the help of my coach.”

Abby Lee

Mastery Testimonials

“Signing up for coaching was the best decision I ever made. Our production is the best it’s ever been.”

Sherrie Jenicek

Mastery Testimonials

“My experience as a MAPS Client has been mind-blowing. It has really expanded my business having that person there for me. My productivity has tripled in volume and in GCI.”

Ashley McCoy

Mastery Testimonials

“My coaches have taken me to a whole new level. I’ve doubled my production and GCI. Even the pros have coaches. I don’t care how good you are at real estate, you always need some coaching to keep you in check.”

Vicky Leos

Mastery Testimonials

My wife and I were able to travel to Cancun for our 10 year wedding anniversary. We paid cash for the trip, stayed at an all-inclusive resort and did what we wanted, when we wanted. Our life by design. If you are a client wondering if this coaching thing works… it has transformed me, my business, and ultimately my life.

Kevin Barry

Mastery Coaching has transformed me, my business, and ultimately my life.”

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