Holiday Coaching Calls

Seasons greetings! As the holidays are quickly approaching, it’s important that we plan to stay connected and keep pace throughout the busiest time of the year. Please join us for 18 Coaching Calls throughout the month of December featuring 25 of our incredible MAPS Coaches, all covering unique topics. Register for one or for all!

jennie herb 1


Maximize Profit in 2024

Listen to the 5 simple actions for leading with revenue. Establish and monitor the return on investment for every dollar you spend with KW MAPS Coaches Jennie Schlipp and Herb Catania.

brian martin and matt teter

Business Planning

4 Steps to Make The Money You Want in 2024

Set your personal income goal, draft your GPS, build your pipeline, and select your lead generation strategies to fund your life by design in 2024 with KW MAPS Coaches Brian Martin and Matt Teter.

nicole zuber


Life By Design: Intentional Calendar Planning for 2024

Deliberate scheduling for a balanced 2024 Life by Design. Become intentional about your calendar during this LIVE TRAINING with KW MAPS Coach Nicole Zuber.

jason marc


Own What You Control

As leaders, we must learn how to focus on what we can control. When leaders take responsibility for their sphere of influence, they cultivate mindfulness, confidence, and determination. Participate in an enlightening leadership session led by KW MAPS Coach Marc King.

kimberly guiry tyler elstrom


How to Stay Focused & Motivated Through the Holiday Season

Navigate the festive season with clarity and purpose as we explore strategies for staying focused, energized, and in the spirit of the holidays with KW MAPS Coaches and Wellness Community leaders Kimberly Guiry and Tyler Elstrom.

monica reynolds

Value Prop

How to Create a Value Proposition for Buyers and Sellers

Are you equipped with a comprehensive written value proposition that outlines the steps and systems showcasing your value as a Realtor to your clients? Join the call with KW MAPS Coach Monica Reynolds to acquire your 21 Point Action Plan tailored for both buyers and sellers.

aaron and kari

Objection Handling

Battling Buyer Reluctance

MAPS Coaches Aaron Heard and Kari Wyrsch will coach you on the top 5 ways to get your buyers off the fence as we move into 2024. We all have those buyers that seem to drag their feet…what are the common objections and how can we give our buyers the confidence to move forward in today’s market.

tammi juengst steve schlueter


The Top 3 Sphere Conversations to Explode Your Business

KW MAPS Coaches Tammi Juengst and Steve Schlueter will equip you with the conversations for your sphere that add value, position you as the trusted advisor, and never set you up for rejection. Tune in and watch your referrals and relationships flourish.

anna krueger & sarah detmore

Objection Handling

Top Methods to Overcome Interest Rate Objections

Are your buyers and sellers in a holding pattern because of interest rates? Join KW MAPS Coaches Anna Krueger and Sarah Detmore to learn proven methods to help overcome interest rate objections, allowing you to take more listings and more now!

rich rector jessica fox


KW Needs Analysis & Recruiting Presentation

Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of identifying organizational needs and tailoring recruitment strategies accordingly with KW MAPS Coaches Rich Rector and Jessica Fox Wimmer.

scott toombs 1


Think Like a Millionaire Agent

Think a Million. Earn a Million. Net a Million. Receive a Million. Give a Million. Explore the mindset of those at the top! Change your thinking change your world with KW MAPS Coach Scott Toombs.

christina griffin


From Data to Dollars in 90 Days

Fast-track to $100K in less than three months! KW MAPS Coach Christina Griffin’s comprehensive guide, “From Data to Dollars in 90 Days,” offers a 12-step approach, enabling you to identify lucrative prospects and achieve success in these specialized real estate sectors.

  • Pre-Foreclosure
  • Divorce
  • Bankruptcy
  • Probate Properties
paula grimes

Operation Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Operation KPIs: Decoding the Language of Data in Real Estate

Let’s speak the lingo of Operational KPIs in the real estate world. Think of these KPIs as your friendly chatbots, each one holding a conversation full of insights and secrets. We’re not just number crunchers; we’re linguists, translating the dialect of data into the language of success. Imagine each KPI as a sentence in the story of your position or business growth journey, and you’re the savvy interpreter, turning data-speak into strategies. Join KW MAPS Coach Paula Grimes in this webinar to become fluent in the art of ‘KPI talk’ and turn those chats into real estate gold.

dan ihara 1

Senior Market

Secure Listings with Real Estate Planning

Discover a new approach to the most predictable market for listings with KW MAPS Coach Dan Ihara. Learn how to build $ 100 million business by attracting listings from the baby-boomer market and trusted advisors of the wealthy.

monica reynolds

Exit Strategy

How to Build the Perfect Exit Strategy

Regardless of your business stage, keep the end goal in sight. How do you generate value for your business? What’s its worth? It’s crucial to develop your business, even if you’re not currently planning an exit. Join the call with KW MAPS Coach Monica Reynolds and learn the seven steps to craft the ideal exit strategy.

KW MAPS Coach Brendan Bartic


Sell the Listing in 7 Days

How to produce 2+ deals from every listing you take! Hosted by KW MAPS Coach Brendan Bartic.

monica reynolds

Business Planning

How to Build the Perfect GPS for 2024

Join the call and discover a detailed, step-by-step approach for setting goals, creating supporting strategies, and establishing priorities. Gain insights with exact examples from a Mega Team and a Buyer Agent. Unravel the mystery of constructing a daily reference GPS for your business, all in this upcoming call with KW MAPS Coach Monica Reynolds.

tim beverlin and marty miller


How to Double Your GCI in a Down Market

Learn everything you need to get your database inside of Command, primed to grow your business in 2024. KW MAPS Coaches Tim Beverlin and Marty Miller will walk through the latest releases as well as best practices in running an effective database-driven business through Command.

The year 2023 is ending.

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