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Invest in your interests and hone your skills.

Our solutions-based Fast Track courses help you become a master of your craft. Taught by experts in the field, these programs give you direct, regular access to a mentor and coach. They provide you the in-depth knowledge you need to leverage your time and grow your business or team.

Achieve better results faster than figuring it out on your own. How?

Fast Track delivers robust, information-rich material in a condensed time frame. Targeting and resolving your specific challenge through proven techniques.

The group training, coaching and live Q&A creates the support you need to ultimately master those skill-based fundamentals.

The flexible, online format allows you to attend courses in the comfort of your own home so that you can stay on track…fast!

  • Those looking to build expertise in one area of their business.
  • Individual agents – hone in on an area that needs strengthening
  • Team Leaders – leverage courses to build your team member’s fundamental skills
  • Anyone tired of trying to figure it out themselves only to get the same results
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Choose Your Fast Track Path

Mega Lead Conversion

Fast Track

Learn how to generate and convert leads while being seen as a relationship-based, trusted real estate advisor.

Program Details for Mega Lead Conversion

Mega Listing Agent

Fast Track

Develop the skills and resources to lead with listings and achieve the Millionaire Real Estate Agent goal.

Program Details for Mega Listing Agent

Never Ending Referrals

Fast Track

Learn how to develop new powerful habits and routines that will take you to new levels of success with your number #1 business asset, your Database.

Program Details for Never Ending Referrals

Never Ending Referrals for Market Centers

Fast Track

Bring Never Ending Referrals to your Market Center and help your agents take their data bases to new levels of success!

Program Details for Never Ending Referrals for Market Centers

Rock Star Recruiting

Fast Track

Master the recruiting techniques and strategies that will explode your recruiting results and drive your profits!

Program Details for Rock Star Recruiting

Scale Your Business to Expand

Fast Track

Have you built your business in such a way that it can be controlled, scaled and run successfully?

Program Details for Scale Your Business to Expand

Securing Listings with the Wealthy

Fast Track

Transform From Real Estate Agent to Real Estate Planner in 4 Weeks!

Program Details for Securing Listings with the Wealthy

The Perfect Operations Team

Fast Track

A six-month live coaching program that takes a deep dive on all facets and systems needed for Listing Managers, Transaction Managers, and Director of Operations to succeed in these roles!

Program Details for The Perfect Operations Team

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Why Choose Fast Track


Our Fast Track coaches deliver, expert-level, niche content surrounding a variety of topics, including expansion, mindset, recruiting, and more! They themselves have spent years refining and using these techniques in their business and have the exact resources and tools needed to solve your business’ unique challenge.


Whether you’re looking to increase your social media presence or see an improvement in your lead conversion rate, our Fast Track programs can provide you with the community support you’re looking for to make your goals a reality. We combine group settings with 1:1 individual guidance, so that you can get unlimited insight into your program’s material.

Skills-based Training

Each of our Fast Track programs address a market niche, which means you’re getting both the fundamental and high-level topics a longer course would normally gloss over. In our tailored programs, you’ll get exclusive, in-depth, skills-based training that covers over 20+ personal and business challenges in real estate and expert guidance on how to solve them.


Take Fast Track on your own time.

Our remote, digitally-based programs allow you to pick and choose when you want to learn. All without having to leave your home.

Courses attended live with a coach allow for immediate Q & A.


Fast Track Testimonials

"MAPS Fast Track Coaching saved my career and helped me double my business."

Tom McKnight
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