10 Steps to Dominate Luxury Off-Market


Elevate your real estate career with Luxury Off-Market Domination. Gain insights into identifying and marketing exclusive properties, master pricing and negotiation, and utilize technology for innovative showcasing. Network with top-tier clients, learn from success stories, and stay updated on luxury market trends. Register now for unparalleled success in luxury real estate. Hosted by MAPS Coach...

Senior Relocation Services With Real Estate Planning


Learn the most predictable market where you'll find and attract listings. Understand conversations and questions that help mature owners transition and sell their homes. Build a referral network that will provide listing leads. Hosted by MAPS Coach Dan Ihara

Coaching Skills Camp 2.0

Austin Austin, TX, United States

Coaching Skills Camp is your playbook for coaching. You will not only increase your coaching skills, you will also learn about the coaching relationship, be given tools to be more effective, have live experience with many of the coaching models, as well as learn the eight Coaching Scenarios AND which of the coaching models and...


Off-Market Prospecting & How You Can Earn 100k+ in GCI in 12 Weeks


A Practical Guide! Unlock off-market prospecting secrets for exceptional real estate success in Module 6 of our exclusive webinar series. Discover strategies to earn a 100k+ Gross Commission Income in just 12 weeks by mastering pre-foreclosures, engaging with life event clients, and streamlining processes. Learn creative inventory creation and budget-friendly lead generation tactics. Build a...