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Role-Play Rumble: Sellers

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Ongoing (3 Month Commitment) - Open Enrollment

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What is Role-Play Rumble?

Have you ever found yourself in a conversation with someone, whether on the phone or in person, and you just know this is an appointment or a listing just waiting to happen, but then you freeze up, fumble the ball, lose control of the conversation and end the day wondering, ‘what went wrong?’ What if we told you that this doesn’t have to be your story? You can navigate conversations with ease, find the business you know is there, and as a result, make more money

Introducing Role-Play Rumble. We help Real Estate Professionals learn the skills to navigate the important conversations that ultimately result in increased income.

Buyers: Buyers making you tired?! Join KW MAPS Coach Sarah Detmore on Thursdays at 2 PM CT to learn the best conversation dialogues, objection handlers, buyer consultation conversations, offer expectations, and many more buyer best practices in the real estate industry!

Database: Not converting 10% or higher from your Met Database?! Join KW MAPS Coach Meagan Henry Wednesdays at 12 PM CT to learn the best conversations, tools, and systems in the real estate industry to maximize referrals and closings from your DataBANK!

Lead Conversion: Ready to step up your lead generation and conversion game?! Join KW MAPS Coach Anna Krueger Wednesdays at 11 AM CT to learn the best conversation dialogues, objection handlers, lead prequalification, and appointment setting practices in the real estate industry!

Sellers: Ready to sign and sell more listings?! Join KW MAPS Coach Emily Baker Thursdays at 1 PM CT to learn the best conversation dialogues, objection handlers, seller consultation conversations, pricing expectations, and many more seller best practices in the real estate industry!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What topics will be covered?

  • Seller prospecting, prequalification, & consultation
  • Objection handlers
  • Pricing conversations
  • Open houses
  • Home shopping
  • Common buyer objections
  • Buyer strategy
  • Database marketing & prospecting
  • Referrals during the transaction
  • Lead conversion
  • Appointments & cold calling
  • Remaining market of the moment

Who is this program for?

Every role in our industry willing to experience growth through dedicated practice!

What to expect?

  • Weekly training from KW MAPS Coaches
  • 1×1 Role-Play practice
  • Conversation Playbook
  • Referral network growth opportunities
  • Peer generated, actionable feedback
  • Community Facebook group

Why Role-Play Rumble?

We have watched, learned, and know the greatest speakers, athletes, and high-performers all have ONE thing in common; PRACTICE. Role Play Rumble is a safe space for our associates to practice and become the greatest versions of themselves in their specific role! Let’s get ready to role-play!