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Director of Operations 30-60-90


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$2,500/ Month




3 Months

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What is the Director of Operations Program?

The 30-60-90 Director of Operations program is a high-level overview course that dives into the everyday, foundational responsibilities of a team’s Director of Operations. Each week, our DOOs will partake in a number of essential tasks where they’ll learn all the proven strategies needed to develop a 90-day action plan for their Rainmaker’s business, as well as be able to identify any present or future gaps within the business.

Upon completion of the program, each participant will leave with a new level of confidence in their position, their team, and within themselves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Program For?

Our Director of Operations program is for DOO professionals of all experience levels. Whether you’re an established DOO and have worked with a team previously or are brand-new to the position, this program is for you.

We have purposely designed our learning materials to be structured, yet flexible. Weekly coursework and training will be customized to the needs of our attendees and will differ depending on what area of study needs a stronger focus.

What to Expect

For three months, each DOO professional within the program will be fully immersed in the day-to-day responsibilities of an expert Operation’s Director. Not only will they learn what these responsibilities are, but they’ll also learn how to actively improve their team with a dedicated system’s training that includes:

  • Database Strategy
  • Financial Management
  • Systems and Processes Overview
  • Human Resources
  • Leadership

Along with the fundamental training, attendees are required to join a weekly DOO Mastermind hosted by a group of experienced Director of Operations experts that speaks to higher level topics.

These trainings will take place each week and separated into distinct calls, including:

  • 3x 30-Minute Group Calls
  • 1x 30-Minute 1:1 Call
  • 1x 1-Hour DOO Mastermind

Why the Director of Operations Program?

The Director of Operations is the brain of a team, ensuring consistent support for Rainmakers and fellow agents, all while managing workflow, coordinating events, tracking new business, and more! An unreliable DOO can mean the difference between top success for a team or stagnation.

Not only will graduating DOOs leave with an advanced understanding of their position within a team and how to run a business, but they’ll also provide an actionable 90-day plan, specially curated for their individual team and Rainmaker.

Questions about our 306090 Director of Operations program? Email us today to learn more!