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3 Myths of a Millionaire Real Estate Operation

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$199/Month for 6 Months ($1,194) - Multi-Payment




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What is the Perfect Operations Team Program?

The best businesses are the ones with the perfect operations team at its forefront. Whether your business is at a beginner level or you’re looking to elevate your current team of veteran agents, this 18-week course will go deep into the key strategies and tactics that are required to take a business from good to better to best!

Take your administrative and operations team to the next level with our exclusive deep-dive program that covers everything from the listing process and the contract to close process to key components of operations, including recruiting, on-boarding, accountability, financials, and of course, the scalable systems for success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What topics will be covered?

  • Listing Manager job description, expectations, & schedule
  • The listing file-pre list
  • Listing conversations
  • Marketing your listings
  • Transaction Coordinator productivity schedule & communication
  • The transaction file
  • Director of Operations and company culture
  • Onboarding, training, & offboarding 
  • Leadership
  • Profit and loss & financials

Who is this program for?

Agents of all levels can benefit from taking our Perfect Operations Team course, though those with a strong desire to scale their business will benefit highly from the 18 individual calls with our expert coaches.

What to expect?

In an effort to create a dynamic, easy-to-follow course, we have separated our 18 calls into groups of six that each focus on a different position within the operation’s team duties.

  • First Six Calls – deep-dive into the Listing Manager position with job description, KPA, time blocking, processes, systems and more!
  • Next Six Calls – deep-dive into the Transaction Coordinator position with job description, KPA, time blocking, processes, systems and more!
  • Final Six Calls – deep-dive into the Director of Operations position with job description, KPA, time blocking, processes, systems and more!

However, before even beginning, Nicole will provide you with a full systems evaluation of your current systems to ensure your operations team is successful. You’ll also receive a call for both agents and assistants looking to have their individual questions answered!

The Perfect Operations Team program was built to deliver a complete, customized evaluation of each business and provide expert solutions you can implement immediately.

Why The Perfect Operations Team?

When your operations team is perfect, your business will thrive! Start seeing increased referrals, more profits, better communications with clients, and a more organized team in just 18 short weeks. Our experts are here to remind you that there’s no limit to the potential of your business and team with the right strategies in place!