Group: Virtual Leverage

Many agents want to increase their leverage by adding team members, and yet their budget doesn’t allow for that. If you could hire 4 new hires for the price of 1, what would it do for your business?

Next launch date coming soon!

Investment: $198 USD

Format: Webinar

Target Audience: All Agents / Team Coaching

Length: 8 weeks


Are you ready to leverage your business without breaking your budget? Do you know what it takes to have high level talent from all over the world? Whether your virtual assistant is just a city away or halfway around the world, this course will teach you how you can apply Virtual Leverage to your business.

To demonstrate how powerful and effective Virtual Assistants can be, Craig Goodliffe will feature one or more of his own long time VA’s on the calls to answer your questions and demonstrate his/her knowledge of the systems and models agents use in their businesses.

All calls will be recorded for your streaming purposes and you will receive access to any recordings you have missed upon signing up.

What to Expect

  • How to hire talent for as low as $2 per hour
  • How to find candidates and build a talent pool from all over the world
  • How to identify the right candidates and avoid wasting time with the wrong ones
  • How to determine pay and wages that create a Win/Win for you and your next hire
  • How to train a new team member virtually
  • How to determine which job positions you can affordably add to your team
  • How a virtual assistant can increase your personal efficiency