Mega Buyer Agent

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MAPS Fast Track: Mega Buyer Agent

Mega Buyer Agent is ideal for a buyer agent at any stage of their business.

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Investment: $198 USD

Format: Webinar (All sessions are recorded and available for replay)

Target Audience: All Agents, Mega Agent, Buyer Agents, Director Of Sales, Inside Sales Agents

Length: 6 Weeks

Next Launch: Jan. 26, 2023


Mega Buyer Agent  is ideal for a buyer agent at any stage of their business.  Agents will learn systems and talking points to implement immediately to increase effectiveness and efficiency.  We will take you through each stage of the business to reach mastery at each level!  The program is designed to help you leverage intentionally at each pivotal point to increase productivity and retain quality of life

What to Expect

  • To develop leaders within your organization so that they may build a team within your team.
  • To streamline the buy side process with the use of talking points and expectations to increase production while preserving quality of life.
  • To use leverage to maximize efficiencies.
  • To find, hire and keep talented showing agents.
  • Utilizing the Showing Agent Model to increase customer care and repeat business.